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Java Made Easy for Beginners,Testers,Selenium and Appium

Beginners to Advanced Java Course for Beginners (Check course contents for more details)

Created by Arun Motoori, Last Updated 06-May-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • All Core Java Concepts in an easier and step by step


  • No prerequisites required as everything is explained from scratch
  • All installation required for learning Java are also included in this course


This JAVA Made Easy for Beginners, Testers, Selenium and Appium course cover the below topics:

  1. Introduction to Java

  2. Downloading, Installing and Configuring Java

  3. Downloading, Installing and Launching Eclipse IDE

  4. Print Statements


  6. Variables

  7. Data Types

  8. Literals

  9. Operators

  10. Flow Control Statements

  11. Classes

  12. Objects

  13. Methods

  14. Arrays

  15. String Class and its methods

  16. StringBuffer Class and its methods

  17. Wrapper Classes

  18. Math Class and its methods

  19. Packages

  20. Inheritance and its types

  21. Constructors

  22. Overloading

  23. Overriding

  24. this keyword

  25. super keyword

  26. Modifiers

  27. Exception Handling

  28. Interfaces

  29. Abstract Classes

  30. Collections Framework

  31. Reflection API

  32. Generics

  33. File Handling

  34. Getter and Setter Methods

  35. OOPS Concepts

  36. JDBC

  37. enum

  38. Varargs

  39. Inbuilt Annotations

Course Content

Arun Motoori

Selenium Expert and Training Specialist having 12 plus QA Experience

I am a software testing professional since 2007 (12 years of experience). I am a Selenium Training Expert since 2013. I love training in an organized, easy, practical and solution oriented manner. Subscribe to my course and feel the difference.

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