ISO-IEC 27001 ~ Security Guidelines for Organizational Users

Cyber Security Guidelines to stay Safe and Secure online - for Users in Office, Working-From-Home or Roaming User

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   Published on 04/2022



This Course starts with a brief discussion on recent Security incidents that have occurred globally, will give an idea how these attacks are unfolded and how exactly a User lands himself in various scenarios leading to Account /Data / Asset or Process compromise.

This Course is built on the skeleton of ISO/IEC -27001 Information Security Management System framework which constitutes of various process for Data Protection, Asset Management, Physical Access and Business Continuity Protocols.  

This Course is designed for the Organizational Users (IT & Non-IT Employees) working from Office, Remotely working from Home & Employees working through various locations who may be constantly on move as a part of their duties. This course provides Security Guidelines to protect the Company Data, Accounts & Credentials and Physical Assets which they use to access Company Data and Resources. 

Upon successful completion, the Users will be more aware of how to use Company resources like Email, Laptop, Company Data etc. and avoid falling prey to various Security Attack and compromises. 

This course can be also treated as Human Resources Training that can be offered to New joiners during the Induction to make them aware of the Company security Policies and make them aware of the ISO 27001 ISMS Framework guidelines. 

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn all Security Guidelines for various channels to avoid Hacking and Compromise of Data, Accounts and Assets.
  • Get an idea of the ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System Security Framework
  • Instantly Learn how to stay Safe on the Internet and do not fall prey to Hacks and Avoid Account Compromise
  • Get guidelines to handle Company Data, Personal Data, Company Assets, Accounts and Credentials


  • Interest to know basics of ISO 27001 ISMS Framework
  • Interest to know about Cyber Security & Data Protection
  • Interest to get insights into the Cyber Security Attacks and Compromises
  • Interest to get to know what happens on Dark Web & various types of Cyber Attacks & Frauds 
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