Is there any duty concession on farm vehicles?

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Yes, certainly. However, to get this facility farmers have to register with the local Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA) and once it is done they will get a concession on particular vehicles used in farming and that too once in every five years.

To register and avail this facility, they have to submit the following documents to their local RADA branch

  • Latest Tax Receipt (if the applicant owns the land) and Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC);

  • Letter from family member signed by a Justice of Peace (JP), if the land the family owned;

  • Proforma invoice for the vehicle and it should include the CIF amount and the cc rating, which should not be more than 3000;

  • Proof of income from the land (it can be a receipt). The approximate earning of the farm should be J$250,000.00 and

  • An Applicable fee of J$15,000.00

Vehicles that are excluded from receiving duty concession are

  • Sport vehicles
  • Sunroof vehicles
  • Leather seat vehicles
  • Escalades
  • Tundras
  • F1 50s

Examples of inclusions would be

Toyota Hilux, Nissan Frontier, Ford Trucks other than F1 50s, and other pickups.

Updated on 26-Jun-2020 08:05:15