Is it true that Snapchat might team up with Amazon for another out-of-the-box feature?

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Snap chat is an Android and iOS app. It is the current heartthrob of millions of youngsters all over the world for its special features. We can share pictures or videos or messages that will be available for a short time before they become inaccessible. This temporary accessibility of the shares encourages the natural flow of interaction between the connected members and does not eat away the space of your smartphone.

Snap chat updates every couple of weeks adding up new features or sometimes changing its core functions. This time Snap chat is planning to take a big leap with working towards a partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon, by introducing a new feature again. Snap chat is thinking of adding Amazon's listings in its app by introducing a visual product search feature.

The new feature "Visual Search" will let you snap a photo of an object and pull up sellers list and reviews for that product from Amazon app. This feature also enables you to share that link with your friends. Isn't that exciting?

However, there are no official confirmations from the Snap chat about this new feature, which is still believed to be in the coding stage. Let us wait and see...

Published on 02-Jan-2019 07:36:25