Is it Feasible to Implant a STEM Education System in my School?

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A brief introduction and explanation about the Implementation of a STEM Educational System.

Current times require a realignment of Educational Models. The an urgent need to direct our efforts toward a new vision around four main objectives:

1. Science.

2. Technology.

3. Engineering.

4. Mathematics.

The United Nations Organization, for example, is promoting this model to increase and promote opportunities for women, considering this great axis.

Now, the question is to promote in students or professionals in this matter, the feasibility of implementing this Educational Model in their own school or educational institution.


  • The establishment of this theme is like a Synergistic System structured like Cohesive Learning Paradigm.
  • A deep focus oriented to Creative Problem Solution (CPS)
  • Development of Skills for building and putting in practice exercises of real world applications.


  • Studying, working, or researching on Education issues.
  • To have knowledge of the Development of mental and practical processes.
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  • What is STEM Education?
  • STEM Model like a Synergistic System
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Is it Feasible to Implant a STEM Education System in my School?
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