Is Google as good as our elders in terms of answering our doubts?

Technology is updating day-to-day to a farther extent that it has slowly started replacing human beings. No wonder it is the age where we have lots of online friends on social networking sites while few in person. Also, whenever we have a doubt, an immediate thought comes to mind, “Let’s google it”!!

When we go back to a few decades, people use to talk, smile and wish each other on roads. Whereas now we find people indulged in their mobile or tab or maybe laptop all the time.

Googling It

Google search engine is the world’s topmost leading search engine on the World Wide Web which handles more than three billion searches each day. It can practically answer all your queries.

As per the famous saying, “Whatever is in your mind, that is there on Google’s page”

We have become very independent in many ways but wholly dependent on technology. A machine is something that serves your purpose, but it is never a replacement for another human being. We are the natural living beings and not some mechanical machines that can relate to a machine whenever we need help. Machines like cell phones and computers are the tools that work for us to make our work simpler.

Interaction with Elders

Well, you might ask me what the “human interactions” concept has to do with clearing doubts? Though Google search engine or some other technology helps you find answers, it can never b as real as a human being, especially an elderly person, who can understand your previous experiences and your way of living, terminology which you can relate, the way you see things and perceive, etc. to answer your doubts.

To put it in simpler terms, when you have a query in mind, Google gives you the answer. But your elders give you suggestions while keeping your personal background in mind, like your enthusiasm, your ideas, your health, your attitude, and even your ego. Human interactions create a sense of belongingness and trust within yourself that no technology can replace.