Is getting a personal vehicle really a better option than relying on public transport in Indian cities?

It’s been not so long since I landed in one of the major IT hubs of India, Hyderabad and the moment I hit the road and saw the traffic, I realized that commuting here from one place to another will not be as easy as it was in Jaipur from where I belong to.

Hyderabad is surely three times bigger than Jaipur, and therefore, the traffic conditions here are worse. However, I would still not recommend going for the public transport if you are planning, (especially for your daily commuting purposes like going to the office) because you have to devote almost the double amount of your time in those vehicles. On the other hand, if you have your own vehicle, a bike in particular, then you can take a breath of relief because the condition of public transport in Hyderabad is creaky. See yourself −

Foot Boarding

Thinking you're a female and manage to have a 'Suhaana Safar'. I am sorry, please come out of your wonderland because even for the ladies there is no change in the phenomena. See this −

Filled Bus

But I should appreciate you for imagining this.


Riding a bike in cities like Hyderabad is a better option than a car because you can make your way in between the jammed traffic spaces and come out of it quite quickly compared to a driving a car.

Although, it depends on the city and its infrastructure and the way public transport is maintained, and thus I would highlight that having a bike or a car is not a good choice in some cities. Your better go for public transport there. For instance, Mumbai, where if you come out on your bike in the peak hours (About 9 am) to make it to the office which is just 10 km away from the office (from Vile Parle to Borivali), ensure that you will reach your office somewhere in the afternoon.

On the contrary, if you board a local train, you'll get down at your destination in about 45 minutes.

The choice is yours!!