Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services

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Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services

Letter of Credit, Guarantees - the List goes on! Master the fundamentals of Trade Finance Products & Services

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Course Description

The Number 1 holistic course on International Trade Finance & Trade Services. The “Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services” is the most comprehensive & detailed course you will find of its kind. It replicates and teaches concepts and skills that you will find in any management trainee level program of a bulge bracket Tier 1 multinational bank. It includes.

- 10+ Case Studies

- 25+ PDF Files

- 100+ Quiz Bank

- A Complete Glossary

- Real-World Examples

- Interesting facts about Trade

- 5+ Hours of Video

- Beginner Level

- 40+ Lectures

- 10 Sections

- “Screencast of Slides” Teaching Methodology

- Downloadable Resources

- Certificate of Completion

- Full-time Access

- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

- Teacher Support

Trade is the bread & butter of almost every global multinational commercial bank. Resultantly, knowledge of the basics of trade finance and services becomes one of the most critical skill sets in developing yourself as a Corporate & Investment Banker. So why should you take this course and what value addition does it provide?

  • You are not working in banking but want to switch careers & make an entry into this lucrative industry.

  • You are a finance graduate and are looking to find a challenging position in Banking.

  • You are already a banking employee and are looking to transition internally to a more challenging front-office coverage role. This course will equip you with the basic knowledge required to make the shift.

  • This course is also designed for CFO/Finance managers of organizations that are active participants in international trade (any company that imports & exports internationally) as the knowledge will better assist them in managing their banks and help them in optimizing solutions that are the most cost-effective and efficient.

The course is divided into 10 Sections covering the following learning outcomes.

  • Section 1: We will start by introducing participants in the international trade ecosystem and do a deep dive into the different modes of transportation that are frequently used and their pros & cons.

  • Section 2: Next, we will discuss the trade environment specifically the political, Business, social, and legal issues that shape & influence trade between two parties. Also Identify factors that restrict (tariffs, non-tariff barriers, Quotas) & promote (trade agreements) global trade.

  • Section 3: In this section, we try to understand the underlying motivation that determines the terms that are set between buyers & sellers. Learn some of the trade finance products that form the building blocks in any bank's Trade repertoire such as Cash in advance, Open Account, On Consignment, Documentary Collections, LC, & SBLC. We will also look at settlements under LC, types, and different features/components of LC in addition to identifying the key drivers and risks from an importer, exporter, and financier’s perspective.

  • Section 4: Many documents facilitate the exchange of goods and services. In this section, you will learn about the different financial and commercial documents necessary for different trade transactions.

  • Section 5: The decision to extend credit to a customer is based on past experience and present conditions. The goals of extending credit are to service the needs of the customer and to earn a profit for the lending bank. We look at how banks extend credit, which transactions require trade financing, types of export financing, and how banks use the correspondent banking market to manage risk.

  • Section 6: We identify the different risks that affect trade transactions, describe how banks manage risk and explore different risk transfer strategies. The informed banker understands these elements, how they affect international trade and how to provide the safest and most appropriate trade products to the customer.

  • Section 7: One of the risks inherent in international trade stems from the need to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. We take a comprehensive look at the compliance environment specifically pertaining to sanctions, Anti-Boycott laws, Export Controls & Anti Money Laundering.

  • Section 8: In this section, we take a deep dive into the information-gathering process that helps identify a prospective or current customer’s trade-related banking needs. In addition to setting key pricing benchmarks and providing guidelines for pricing a trade product.

  • Section 9: To finish off we delve into the world of ECA’s, DFI’s & MLA's and how such programs support and enable the bank's customers to remain competitive with businesses from other countries. We cover the features/objectives of such organizations, describe the benefits, explore different structures/types, compare/contrast between ECA/DFI/MLA and look at pricing-related issues.

  • Section 10: Summary & wrap up! Discover a detailed Glossary of Terms and Definitions to help you master the terminology as well as select case studies.

Please don’t forget that the course comes with a 30-Day Unconditional money-back-in-full guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! The course will keep updating frequently with more up-to-date learning resources. Simply click the Enroll Now button to get started now!


What will you learn in this course:

  • De-mystifying the Trade Finance market to gain a better understanding of the role that Trade plays in helping clients do more business using traditional products.

  • Master different types of Trade products, including their individual features and benefits.

  • Understand how to identify intrinsic risks in potential transactions and understand how these might be mitigated using tools and practices.

  • Be better equipped to identify opportunities to solicit well-structured, lower-risk Trade Finance business.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s requirements and elevate your position to that of a trusted advisor.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No experience prerequisites are required since this is a basic level beginners’ course which will take you through the fundamentals & basics of International Trade Finance and Trade Services.
  • Eagerness to learn.
Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

5 Lectures
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  • play icon Participants in International Trade 13:16 13:16
  • play icon Modes of Transportation 13:10 13:10
Trade Environment
7 Lectures
Payment Options
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Trade Finance
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9 Lectures
Pricing Solution
9 Lectures
Export Credit Agency
12 Lectures
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Instructor Details

Danial Merchant

Danial Merchant

Vice President I Corporate & Investment Banker

|||Welcome to the Corporate & Investment Banking Masterclass|||

*** Do you want to start a six-figure career in Corporate & Investment Banking at a bulge bracket global bank? ***

*** Are you looking to upgrade your current skills? ***

*** Are you looking to move into front office coverage roles? ***

Corporate & Investment Banking employees are amongst the highest paid and sought-after professionals in the world. The Six figure starting salaries make the finance industry one of the most lucrative for graduates at the same time being fiercely competitive. Why Banking you ask? – Deal Experience, financial/monetary benefits, fast track career progression, exposure to different sectors/industries, interaction with clients at the C suite level (CEO/CFO), development of multi-faceted product expertise, international travel & upskilling/reskilling opportunities – are just some of the benefits of a career in finance. The Courses are designed at a Beginner (what you would normally expect to experience at any standardized Management Trainee Level program of a top tier Multinational bank), Intermediate (Mid Management level courses designed to be more complex and structured) and Advanced level (Advanced level courses for C Suite Level and product experts).

Topics to be covered, under the full gamut of Corporate & Investment Banking Umbrella, include - Corporate finance, Risk, Financial Accounting, Trade Finance, M&A, Investment Banking, Project Finance, etc. amongst many others. What makes these courses distinct from the rest of the Banking & Finance courses out there? - These courses are more hands on, pre-scripted, engaging, real world and less theoretical. So, enroll today to the most comprehensive Banking & Finance Masterclass!

Danial is a Senior Corporate & Investment Banker with over 18+ years’ (and counting) experience having previously worked with bulge bracket firms like American Express, Citibank & SAMBA in different roles within the Corporate & Investment Banking Group. He has advised hundreds of large corporations, multi-nationals, financial institutions and sovereign’s covering finance strategy, fund raising, M&A’s, etc... and has successfully led, executed and closed large ticket deals & marquee mandates. His primary responsibility as a coverage officer is in the areas of revenue generation, deal origination, execution and distribution, structuring, solicitation and cross selling a full suite of banking products to an active portfolio of clients consisting of blue chip multi nationals, top tier local corporates, commercial banking, small & medium enterprises, public sector sovereign entities, multi laterals and financial institutions.

Over the course of his career, he has managed a total of 50+ deals with notional value of US$ 300 Million+ in the following key sectors such as Oil & gas, Power, Aviation, Telecoms, Technology, Fertilizer, Steel, Cement, etc....

Danial has an MBA in Finance.

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