Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

Learn about the ArcGIS Pro software and the principles of GIS

  Cesar Yoc

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Language - English Published on 09/2022


This is a course for beginners that want to learn how to use the ArcGIS Pro software and learn the basics of GIS. The course goes over the ribbon, panes, and tools used by mapmakers using the ArcGIS Pro Software. It takes a consultative approach where you are asked by a client to do an analysis and use a map to present the results of the analysis. The objectives are to think of what the client is asking and prepare folders to store the files needed to do the analysis. Then determine what GIS tools you will need to do the analysis. Finally, to prepare maps to display the information. Below is the table of contents that will be covered in the course.

Table of Contents

1. Gathering and Organizing Data

2. The Project Window

3. Map Projections

4. Queries and Exploring Data

5. Geocoding

6. Join and Relate

7. Geodatabase

8. Editing and Creating Features

9. Geoprocessing Tools

10. Designing a Map (Includes Exercise)


The Institute has been asked to design a map of the Food Environment in Bronx Community Board 1. The Institute must provide demographic data of the Board and how close the food locations are from Public Transportation. Also, how many stores are within ¼ of a mile of a business corridor.

What Will I Get ?

  • The student will learn how to prepare a mapping project and how to gather the data needed to answer the clients question/questions.

  • The student will learn the basic concepts of Geographic Information Systems.

  • The student will learn what tools are available in the ArcGIS Pro Software.

  • The student will learn how to design a basic map answering the questions of a hypothetical scenario and later do their own exercise.


  • The student will need to know how to use Windows 10 and be able to save and delete files in their windows platform.

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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro
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