Intro to Substance Designer for Beginners

Creating Brick Material that can be used in Substance Painter

  David Bittorf

   3D Game Development, 3D Rendering, Substance Painter, Design

Language - English Published on 06/2022


Creating a Custom Brick Material - Substance Designer Tutorial
[1hr 28min] Project Files Included

Learn how to create bricks from scratch in this beginner Substance Designer Tutorial! This course is designed for anyone new to Substance Designer. I'll walk you through step-by-step on how to create a material and show you how to export it to Substance Painter. This 1.5 hour tutorial will get you up and running quickly.

Learn how to connect various nodes to create realistic materials.  I focus on creating normal maps, height maps, roughness maps, ambient occlusion, height variation per bricks, height variation for the cement and exporting to Substance Painter.

Course content:

1)  Intro
2) Overview
3) Normals
4) Normals - Facets
5) Normals - Cracks
6) Normals - Damage
7) Color Part 1
8) Color Part 2
9) Height Maps
10) Roughness
11) Ambient Occlusion
12) Height Variation per Brick
13) Height Cement
14) Exporting to Substance Painter

All files need Substance Designer 2020 or newer to open

Video Tutorials:
There are 13 Video Tutorial each averaging under 10 minutes. These can be viewed in order or feel to jump into any lesson to just learn a specific technique

What Will I Get ?

  • Create Color Channels in Substance Designer
  • Create Roughness Channels in Substance Designer
  • Create Normal Channels in Substance Designer
  • Create Height Channels in Substance Designer
  • Create procedural textures and materials
  • Connect a logical network of Nodes
  • Export from Substance Designer to Substance Painter


  • No prerequisites for this course

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