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Internetworking and Routing
Internetworking is a combination of internet and networking which implies connection of different nodes/entities.Routing is a process of selecting a data path

    • Internetworking
      9 Lectures
    • Routing
      5 Lectures
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  • Description

    To enable communication in internetworking, every individual network node is designed with TCP or IP . internetworking is when a network communicates with other network having constant communication procedures. There are mainly three units of interworking : extranet, intranet and internet. Intranets and extranets might or might not have connections with the net. Routing is a process which is mainly performed in layer 3 of the OSI model. Layer 3 is network layer. Routing is also categorized as static routing, dynamic routing and default routing.

    What Will I Get ?

    • Overview of internetworking
    • Description of internet protocols
    • Overview of IP packets
    • Understanding of routing process
    • Different routing protocols


    • Anyone who wants to learn the basics of interworking & routing
Internetworking and Routing
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