Internet Marketing Course - Online Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing Course - Online Digital Marketing

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What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing refers to promotion efforts that use web and email to drive sales to product or services. It includes the technical aspects of design, development, advertising, and sale on the internet. They are primarily used to drive online sales but they also complement traditional marketing efforts through print and electronic media. They are used for both businesses to business (B2B) and Business to consumer (B2C).

About Internet Marketing Course (Basics)

Internet Marketing Course is intended to enable online businesses, and entrepreneurs to learn online marketing techniques and tools to help build your business. It offers a step-by-step guide to create a website that generates business round the clock. It covers the core principles and practice of internet, website, email marketing, search engine and social media optimization. The course contains 18 lectures and three hours of HD Video

Introduction to Internet Marketing Course (Basics):

The Internet Marketing course begins with an introduction the fundamentals of Internet Marketing. What is internet marketing? The promotion of products and services through the internet, traditional vs internet marketing. Differences between online and traditional marketing. Promoting products, services through emails, websites, blogs, mobile apps, social media- also known as internet marketing, web marketing, OLM. Standard terminology- advertiser, manner, bid, black hat. White hat techniques, breadcrumbs navigation, campaign, click through rate, conversion, cost per acquisition, cost per click, cost per mille (per thousand impressions), inbound link, market research, key performance indicator (KPI), market reach, tracking, SEO, web indexing, quality score, paid search advertising. Advantages and disadvantages of internet marketing- advantages- personalized, caters to specific interests, content differentiation, geo-targeting, cost-effective, global scale, measurable metrics, accountability. Disadvantages- illegal, unethical practices, transparency, hardware, installation costs.


  • Knowledge of internet, web, marketing, and online business.
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  • Introduction to Internet Marketing Basics
  • History of Internet Marketing
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Internet Marketing Course - Online Digital Marketing
This Course Includes
  • 2.5 hours
  • 18 Lectures
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  • Language English
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