Internal Combustion Engines - IC Engines

Pioneering topic of mechanical/automobile engineering - A fundamental approach.

  J Aatish Rao

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   Published on 02/2020



This course covers in details about IC engines,its main components,Valve timing diagrams,4-stroke & 2-stroke engines,Actuator indicator diagrams,Scavenging,Detonation,Fuel ignition system,Injection system & many more. 

Prior to be on board, Let's have a brief description about IC engines .... Please read below.

The internal combustion engine is an engine in which the burning of a fuel occurs in a confined space called a combustion chamber. This exothermic reaction of a fuel with an oxidizer creates gases of high temperature and pressure, which are permitted to expand. The defining feature of an internal combustion engine is that useful work is performed by the expanding hot gases acting directly to cause movement, for example by acting on pistons, rotors, or even by pressing on and moving the entire engine itself.

This contrasts with external combustion engines, such as steam engines, which use the combustion process to heat a separate working fluid, typically water or steam, which then in turn does work, for example by pressing on a steam actuated piston.

The term Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is almost always used to refer specifically to reciprocating engines, Wankel engines and similar designs in which combustion is intermittent. However, continuous combustion engines, such as Jet engines, most rockets and many gas turbines are also internal combustion engines.

Internal combustion engines are seen mostly in transportation. Several other uses are for any portable situation where you need an non-electric motor. The largest application in this situation would be an Internal combustion engine driving an electric generator. That way, you can use standard electric tools driven by an internal combustion engine.

Being a mechanical or automobile engineer, it requires to have a good grasp over this particular topic. I hope this course lives up to your expectation. HAPPY LEARNING !!

What Will I Get ?

  • Good understanding of all the main components of IC engines
  • Understanding of valve timing diagram & its importance
  • Actuator indicator diagrams & their importance
  • Understanding of different type of ignition systems
  • Additional concepts like supercharging,lubrication,governing & many more


  • Basics of mechanical engineering OR automobile engineering
  • Be able to understand basic mechanism & kinematics of machine
  • Understanding of co-relation between two components in graphical representation
  • Basic knowledge of thermodynamic cycles
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