In which female reproductive organ does the embryo get embedded?

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In females, the embryo gets embedded on the wall of the uterus.

The baby or fetus establishes and develops in the stomach or uterus due to the process of fertilization of male gametes and female gametes in the fallopian tube followed by the implantation of the zygote onto the uterus wall.

Following are the steps involved in the process:

  • The male gamete sperm fertilizes with the female gamete egg to form a zygote.
  • The zygote undergoes different stages of embryonic development. The zygote divides mitotically to form blastomeres with 2, 4, 8, and 16 cells. The 8 to 16 cell stage of blastomeres is called a morula.
  • The morula continues mitotic division and forms a blastocyst. The trophoblast is an outer layer of the blastocyst that gets attached to the endometrium, the uterine wall. This is known as implantation which starts in the 1st week and gets completed by the 2nd week.
  • The uterine cells and interdigitated chronic villi of the trophoblast form the placenta, nourishing and oxygen.
  • The placenta acts as an endocrine gland and secretes various hormones for the maintenance of pregnancy. These include hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), estrogen, and progestogens. In 3rd week Gastrulation takes place where the embryo starts differentiating into three germinal layers called ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. The cells present in these germinal layers transform and get differentiated to all the tissues and organs.
  • The ectoderm forms the nervous system, brain, spinal cord, epidermis, hair, and nails. Mesoderm forms the connective tissue, muscles, circulatory system, notochord, bone, kidney, and gonads. Endoderm forms the internal organs, stomach, liver, pancreas, bladder, lung, and gut lining.
  • In the 1st month hear develops and start working.
  • In the 2nd month limbs and digits develop.
  • In the 3rd month, all major organ systems develop.
  • In the 5th month, the embryo starts moving.
  • In the 6th month, the body gets covered with fine hair.
  • In the 9th month the fetus completes its development.]

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