In ∆ PQR, D is the mid-point of QR.

PM is _________________.
PD is _________________.
Is QM = MR?"

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In $\triangle PQR, D$ is the mid-point of $\overline{QR}$.

To do:

We have to name $\overline{PM}, PD$ in $\triangle PQR$ and find whether $QM = MR$.


An altitude of a triangle is the perpendicular drawn from the vertex of the triangle to the opposite side.

In the given figure $\overline{PM}$ is perpendicular to $QR$.

So, $\overline{PM}$ is altitude.

A median of a triangle is a line segment joining a vertex to the mid-point of the side opposite side.

$PD$ divides $QR$ into equal parts as $D$ is the mid-point of $QR$.

So, $PD$ is the median.

In $\triangle PQR$, $D$ is the mid point of $QR$.

So, $QD=DR$

$\Rightarrow QM≠MR$.

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