In one of the industrial processes used for the manufacture of sodium hydroxide, a gas X is formed as a by-product. The gas X reacts with lime water to give a compound Y which is used as a bleaching agent in the chemical industry. Identify X and Y, giving the chemical equation of the reactions involved.

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Sodium chloride is used for the manufacture of sodium hydroxide by the process of chloralkali. In this process, chlorine and hydrogen gas are formed as byproducts along with sodium hydroxide. Chlorine gas gives bleaching power when reacts with lime water. Hence,
Gas X is chlorine.
Compound Y is calcium oxychloride. It is commonly known as bleaching powder and used as a bleaching agent in chemical industries.

The chemical equation is given below:

$2NaCl(aq) + 2H_2O(l) → 2NaOH(aq) +Cl_2(g) + H_2(g)$
$X→Cl_2 (Chlorine \ gas)$
$Ca(OH)_2 + Cl_2 ⟶ CaOCl_2 +H_2O$
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