Imagine that you are sitting in a chamber with your back to one wall. An electron beam, moving horizontally from back wall towards the front wall, is deflected by a strong magnetic field to your right side. What is the direction of magnetic field?

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It is known that on placing a current-carrying conductor into a magnetic field, the current-carrying conductor experiences a magnetic field around it. The direction of the current, magnetic field, and force can be determined by fleming's left-hand rule.

Fleming's left-hand rule states: "If thumb, forefinger and middle finger are of left hands are stretched in such a way to make them perpendicular to each other, and forefinger represents the direction of the magnetic field, the middle finger represents the direction of current flowing then thumb will represent the direction of force. "

The direction of the electric current will be from the front wall to the back wall as it is opposite to the direction of the motion of electrons.
Since the direction of force is towards the right side, by applying Fleming’s left-hand rule, we can conclude that the magnetic field inside the chamber is in the downward direction.

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