If you dump kitchen waste in a pit, it may, after sometime
(a) convert into compost
(b) convert into vermicompost
(c) remain as such
(d) remain forever in its dried form

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 6

Correct answer: (a) convert into compost


Kitchen waste is biodegradable, so it readily gets converted into compost. The garbage containing plant and animal wastes, and waste food, when left as such in pits or heaps, is acted upon by bacteria, fungus-like organisms, causing rotting.

Rotting leads to the formation of manure. It is the conversion of complex molecules into simple molecules that can be used by plants for growth and development. Thus, the rotting and conversion of some organic materials into manure is called composting. 

Vermicompost is formed when we introduce earthworms or redworms into the pit along with the waste.

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