Hubert de Givenchy: Styling with Dedication

A French fashion designer, Hubert de Givenchy, was known for his stunning work in the field of fashion design. Being an aristocrat, designing was in the blood of Givenchy. In the year 1952, Givenchy launched a luxury fashion house in France. Givenchy was very famous for his taste in fashion, and he started designing the stars' wardrobes, including Audrey Hepburn and actress Jacqueline Kennedy. With the increment in fame, Givenchy was awarded the "International Best Dressed List" in 1970. He gained so much attraction during his time. His life came to an end on March 10, 2018, during his sleep.


On February 20, 1927, Hubert de Givenchy was born into a Protestant household. Givenchy's ancestors were well-known in the fashion industry. Givenchy lost his father when he was a little boy. Givenchy had to move in with his mother and his maternal grandmother after his father passed away. Early on, the Givenchy family was referred to as the Badin family, which was likewise renowned for its fashion designs and artistic output. Givenchy's great-great grandmother, Jules Dieterie, worked as a set designer for the Paris Opera in her heyday. A family plays a very important part in a child's life. Coming from an artistic family, designing was in Givenchy's blood. Givenchy's interest in design developed at an early age, which he enhanced with time.

Designing a Career

The designing journey of Hubert de Givenchy started in 1945, when he first designed for a star, "Jacques Fath." This gave her designing career a good start, and she designed for stars like "Robert Piguet" and "Lucien Lelong" the following year. Givenchy was praised for his work done with a keenness to learn. During the time period of 1947–1951, Givenchy worked under the famous avant-garde designer "Isa Schiaparelli", where he enhanced his skills. And in 1952, Givenchy launched his design house at Plaine Monceau in the city of Paris. Givenchy's main focus during this time was to make versatile shirting cotton. He gradually mastered his abilities and was known for his creativity. At the age of 25, Givenchy became the youngest designer in the progressive Paris fashion scene. His work became glitzy and he became more famous. During this time, Audrey Hepburn came very close to Givenchy. Givenchy created a black gown for Audrey Hepburn's role in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The dress became very famous with the artistic work of Givenchy. A perfume collection by Hubert Givenchy was given to Hepburn.

Givenchy's elegant designs fascinated the audience, and in the 1950s, he was considered one of the top couturiers. With the addition of fame, Givenchy designed a "Baby Doll" and a "Balloon Coat" dress. His influence spread all over the world. However, as the decades passed, people began to gravitate toward miniskirts, jeans, and formals. This rise in formal clothing somehow decreased Givenchy's glamour.

However, it doesn't last long. His influence was felt in fashion, and his work was lauded.

Iconic Work

Hubert de Givenchy was famous for his designing work done on various stars. His taste in fashion was praised by the audience. In Givenchy's fashion career, he has designed costumes for so many stars, which has inspired people. Some of his most famous creations are listed below:

While designing, Givenchy developed a good friendship with Andrey Hepburn. Hepburn won an Oscar in her early days. By chance, Givenchy became Hepburn's couturier. Since then, Givenchy designed for Hepburn and the outfit with the long white dress embroidered with flowers became one of the iconic designs created by Givenchy.

In 1985, Jean Seberg and Deborah Kerr were dressed by Givenchy for Otto Preminger's adaptation of Francoise Sagan's novel in 1958. Givenchy chose to revive the Riviera style in the 1960s, consisting of large cotton or linen shirts.

In 1957, Givenchy designed an elegant dress for Hepburn during their second major collaboration. The Persian evening wear attracted people, which counted as a famous work by Givenchy.

In 1961, a long evening gown was designed by Givenchy for the Tiffany windows. This beautiful gown stole the hearts of people and became famous in 1961.

In 1963, for Stanley Donen's film, Givenchy designed an electric red suit with a leopard toque and a straight-yellow coat with the look of a ski, which became an iconic outfit. The dress was worn by Regina Lampert in 1963.


Givenchy's own way of thinking while designing a dress astonished people, as he was one of his own styles. It was his interest and dedication that changed his life. In this modern era, his work is still noticeable among many fashion icons and actors all over the world, and he will always be remembered through his styles in the fashion industry.

Updated on: 27-Oct-2022


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