HTML5 Course From Basics To Advanced

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HTML5 Course From Basics To Advanced

HTML5 Course From Basics To Advanced

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

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Lectures -55

Duration -13 hours


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Course Description

HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language used in the World Wide Web. HTML was used in scientific and non-scientific documents.

This course provides a limited specification of HTML5 tags and CSS stylesheet and a different mechanism of using HTML5 tags and CSS stylesheet.

This course does not include syntax, examples, and use of each and every HTML5 tags/elements. HTML5 tags/elements that are specific to a particular browser are omitted.

The scope of this course is not to deliver the full view of HTML5 but to give an insight of a few but mostly used HTML5 tags/elements to beginners who are new in the domain of HTML. Thus HTML5 tags/elements that are used in high-end workstations are not covered in this course.

This course is targeted particularly to applications that would use beginner-level HTML5 elements regularly. The course is designed in such a way that it can be accessed with CPU requirements and from different locations.

This course describes HTML elements having inbuilt meaning along with the rules that describe the use of these elements. This course also focuses on relationships that exist between different HTML5 elements and relationships that persist between multiple HTML5 web pages.

This course also teaches beginners to use tags that are responsible for making interactions and submit user inputs to the server. There arise conditions when access to the remote server is required thus learners of this course will learn how to establish a connection with a remote server using appropriate attributes of tags/elements. It is also required to teach learners about the use of API to make communicate with different applications. Thus this part of the course will provide you the syntax of using HTML5 tags/elements required to establish connections between different applications and with a remote server.

This course on HTML5 can be taken as any other course and can be read topic-to-topic and many times till understanding of HTML5 is developed. This course can be read or learned top-to-bottom and bottom-to-up as required. Learners of this course may also choose a topic to be learned randomly that is picking up any topic from any section of the course as each topic is independent of the other.

The course also shed light on the CSS stylesheet in reference to HTML5 elements. CSS stylesheet is a Cascading Style Sheet used to develop web pages. CSS is used to set the texture of the web page. CSS governs the typography of the web page as well as sections, partitions, and size of the web pages.

CSS is used in association of HTML5 tags/elements.

This course covers the following topics:

Web page Structure

  • The section

  • Understanding of structure elements

  • Understanding HTML5 with CSS

  • Appropriate use of HTML5 structural elements

  • Conclusion of Web page structure


  • Working on Content Area

  • How to use blogposts and comments

  • Understanding HTML5 outline

  • Conclusion


  • Learning about HTML5 Forms

  • Learning how to use HTML5 input elements

  • Importance of Validation

  • Use of Validation

  • How to avoid validation

  • Conclusion

Video & Audio

  • Developing understanding about Video and Audio

  • Use HTML5 Video elements

  • Use of HTML5 Audio elements

  • Accessibility of Audio & Video

  • Conclusion


  • Basics of Canvas

  • Use of Canvas

  • How to Images in HTML5

  • Animating Canvas

  • Conclusion

Topics covered in this course come with practical demonstrations of HTML5 tags/elements. These demonstrations enable learners to practice and apply HTML5 tags/elements. Practical demonstrations allow learners to develop cognitive understanding and developing learning behavior.

Exercise and Test series shape learners to achieve their targets. The learner obtaining the highest target also gets a surprise gift from the course organizers. Feedback to learners is given from time to time to improve their performance and develop their understanding. Feedback motivates learners to work hard and achieve their targets.

The course does have a questionnaire session where learners can ask their questions to experts and get queries solved with a defined time limit.

The course also prepares its students to face interview questions related to HTML5. The course gives you the list of Interview Questions related to HTML5. The course does not prefer canned responses but makes learners analyze, process and organize and then deliver.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is intended for students who want to develop their career as web developers as use of HTML5 and CSS stylesheet is one of the critical aspects of web development.
  • The course is not suitable for full stack web developers and experienced professionals belonging to the domain of HTML5 and Javascript.
  • This is a beginner level course targeting learners not having the professional experience of HTML5 and CSS stylesheet.


What will you learn in this course:

  • You will learn quoting and attributes of HTML 5, <meta> tags, <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <aside> and <article> tags. Application of CSS to HTML 5 elements.

  • Learners will learn the structure of the main content. Learners will learn about <time> tag/element, pubdate attributes,<blockquote>, <aside>, and <hgroup>.

  • Use of HTML 5 forms such as search forms, sign-in forms, and forms for comments. Use of <.input> tag of type email, range, color etc. and autofocus attributes.

  • Learners will learn about the use of <output> elements, use of validation elements and avoiding validation, use of audio/video, canvas and messaging API.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No previous knowledge of HTML5 is required. But understanding of HTML semantic markup will let you dive deep into the course.

  • Understanding Javascript and its significance in web development will let you understand the technical aspect of HTML5.

  • This course is not about learning all the attributes and tags of HTML5, but it teaches you the use of tags and elements and their relationship with each other.

  • This is a comprehensive course giving you insight into HTML5.

HTML5 Course From Basics To Advanced


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

HTML 5 Introduction
1 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 12:48 12:48
HTML5 Group
2 Lectures
HTML5 Address
4 Lectures
HTML5 Table
3 Lectures
HTML5 Ruby Tag
5 Lectures
HTML5 Color Code
4 Lectures
HTML5 Other Tags
9 Lectures
HTML5 Base Tag
1 Lectures
HTML5 Object
5 Lectures
HTML5 Map Tags
3 Lectures
3 Lectures
HTML5 Syntax
3 Lectures
6 Lectures
HMTL5 Events
3 Lectures
HTML5 Canvas
3 Lectures

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