HTML <embed> Tag

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The <embed> tag is used to include an external application in the HTML document.

Following are the attributes −

  • height: It is the height of the embedded content in pixels.
  • src: Address of the external file to embed i.e. mention the URL.
  • type: It is the media type that specifies the media type of the embedded content
  • width: It is width of the embedded content in pixels

Let us now see an example to implement the <embed> tag in HTML −


 Live Demo

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h2>CSS Demonstrating Application</h2>
   <embed src="" height="400" width="600">


In the above example, we have used the <embed> element −

<embed src="" height="400" width="600">

Under the src attribute of the embed element, we have set an external application in the form of a .srf file −
Published on 21-Jun-2019 12:18:05