How To Sell On Ebay: The Ultimate Ebay Sellers Blueprint

Learn How To Start Dropshipping, Importing, Creating Private Label Products And Building Your Own Brand!

  Juan Galvan

   Marketing, Product Marketing, E-Commerce

Language - English Published on 10/2020

  • Introduction Into The Ebay Business Models
  • Dropshipping 101
  • Developing The Right Mindset
  • How To Create Your Ebay & Paypal Account
  • How To Find Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Business
  • How To Find Products For Your Dropshipping Business
  • Optimizing Your Listing For Maximum Exposure
  • How To Properly Optimize Your Image Listings
  • How To Properly Price Your Products


Introducing The Ultimate Ebay Sellers Blueprint That Teaches the ins and outs of successfully selling on eBay including where to go to get products sourced, plus how to get started for NO MONEY UP FRONT! 

Discover The Secrets To Leveraging eBay And Generate Income From Home and Finally Free Up Your Time For the Important Moments In Your Life!

This Is The Perfect System For Anyone Wanting To Learn How To Make Money On Ebay.

Imagine what life will be like if you no longer had to miss out on important events with your kids or miss out on special occasions with your family and friends because you have to be at work. No more apologizing, no more regretting the important moments of life that you have been missing out on.

  • Live the Internet Lifestyle and Spend Time With Those Important To You!
  • Be there when it counts for those important to you!
  • A home based Internet business gives you freedom!
  • Avoid working a regular job, and make the income from eBay!
  • Live life more on your terms!

Inside This Course You’ll Discover How To Get Working Capital With No Credit Check! Plus…

  • Learn how to effectively list your products on eBay.
  • You should use more than one of these if you want to be successful!
  • What you should avoid when taking pictures!
  • Plus much more…
  • Best selling items on ebay
  • What to sell on ebay to make the most money

Here's What You'll Discover In This Course:

Getting Started Tips

  • Insider tips for getting started on eBay.
  • How to instantly uncover profitable inventory for FREE!
  • This is literally right under your nose!
  • Learn how to effectively list your products on eBay.
  • You should use more than one of these if you want to be successful
  • What you should always do with your pictures!
  • Plus much more…

Ebay Tips & Sourcing Products To Sell Part 1

  • Choosing the best type eBay username
  • Understanding your payment options.
  • How to start sourcing products that you can quickly sell on eBay.
  • The major chain stores you can source hot products from.
  • How to source products by piggybacking off of trends.

Sourcing Products To Sell Part 2 & eBay Stores

  • The one platform for sourcing products you can’t live without.
  • Buy products directly from overseas manufacturers easier than you ever thought possible.
  • Discover how to get the best price every time on the products you buy in bulk.
  • Finally avoid the middle man and get the margins you deserve!
  • This video is worth it’s weight in gold!
  • Learn what types of products to buy from this killer resource!
  • Uncover setting up eBay stores the right way.
  • Use keywords effectively to maximize your traffic!

 Purchasing Liquidated Items From Top Retailers

  • Use the number one liquidation site on the web.
  • Find new products for pennies on the dollar with amazing margins!
  • Buy overstock products direct from large retailers!

Researching Products To Sell

  • How to find the perfect products to sell.
  • Research like a seasoned eBay professional. 
  • eBay Completed Listings Research
  • Uncover what you are doing wrong with completed listings research!
  • Find out exactly how much an item sold for and when it sold!
  • Finally use the completed listings feature to your advantage every time!
  • Watch this video and quit making inventory mistakes!

Effective eBay Listing Strategies

  • Follow these steps to increase your chances of selling.
  • Watch over the shoulder training as an eBay expert lists an item.
  • This simple listing template will change how you list products!
  • Watch the process from start to finish!

eBay Completed Listings Research

  • Discover the top tips to protect yourself as an eBay seller!
  • Miss these steps and open yourself up to lost income.

Shipping Secrets For eBay

  • Use eBay’s insider shipping features to make your life easier!
  • Accurately track your packages from your house to the customer’s doorstep all within eBay!
  • Streamline your shipping process and improve your business.

 eBay Fees Explained

  • Missing this video will leave you exposed to lost profits!
  • Knowing the fees helps you list your products for the right price!
  • Understand eBay fees so you are fully prepared.

Becoming A Top Rated Seller On eBay

  • Learn what it takes to be a top rated eBay PowerSeller.
  • Miss these steps and you cripple your chances at obtaining this valuable distinction on the eBay marketplace!
  • Don’t miss any of these steps if you want to maximize your business.

Understanding Paypal Limits

  • Make sure you know the limits with your Paypal account.
  • You can get into a lot of trouble if you miss these tips!

 Effective eBay Customer Service

  • Your customer service will make you stand out after you apply these principals.
  • Discover how to deal with the occasional refunds the quickest way possible.
  • Customer service plays a role in your Powerseller standing! Don’t miss this!

 Who this course is for:

  • Students Who Have A Basic Understanding Of Business
  • Students Should Not Take This Course If They Are Not Able To Take Action

What Will I Get ?

  • How To Easily List Products On Ebay
  • How To Find The Best Suppliers For Dropshipping On Ebay
  • How To Find The Best Selling Products On Ebay
  • How To Source Products From China
  • How Spy On The Best Sellers On Ebay
  • How To Get Working Capital With No Credit Check
  • How To Find Retail Liquidation Lots For Pennies On The Dollar
  • How To Choose The Best Ebay Username
  • How To Start An Importing Business On Ebay
  • How To Become an Ebay Powerseller


  • Students Will Need To Have A Basic Understanding Of E-Commerce and Business

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