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How to create a character for a movie, a book?
screenwriting & filmmaking

    • Introduction
      1 Lectures
    • Basic information about your character
      5 Lectures
    • Character traits
      3 Lectures
    • Your character inside the story
      3 Lectures
    • Creativity
      4 Lectures
    • The final steps to creating an excellent character
      3 Lectures
    • Conclusion
      1 Lectures
  • Description

    This course will help you think through and create an interesting character for your story.

    The course will help you create a character for a movie, book, cartoon, comic, for any of your stories.

    Your character will turn out deeper, more interesting. And the story will become more exciting.

    An interesting story lives in interesting heroes.

    What Will I Get ?

    • Features of creating a character for a movie
    • Features of creating a character for books
    • Character Creation Features for Comics or Animations
    • The inner qualities of your character. And their influence on history
    • The image of your character. How will viewers or readers perceive it?
    • Strengths and weaknesses of your character. Why are they equally needed?
    • How not to make a character boring and uninteresting?
    • The secret of the character. How can this create a WOW effect for a story?
    • External factors of history and their influence on the character
    • Basic Creativity Tools
    • Where to get ideas for the character, for the story?
    • How to spy on other people's ideas?
    • Character internal change. Why can't a good story go without it?
    • Character Biography


    • Reading ability
    • Writing ability
    • Desire to write an excellent character
How to create a character for a movie, a book?
This Course Includes :

59 mins

20 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee


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