How to Astral Project

Gilad James Mystery School


In this course I will teach you how to initiate an out of body experience.

This means that your consciousness will be able to move outside of your physical body and travel through the 'Astral Plane'.

You will be able to go and visit any place you heart desires- including different cities all across the globe, secret installations, remote underground facilities, far away planets and much more.

In addition to that you will be able to meet people and beings you wouldn't be able to meet otherwise- including dead relatives, your Spirit Guide, your Higher Self, angels as well as other living people and alien species.

What Will I Get ?

  • Know how to initiate an out of body experience.
  • Know how to travel to different physical locations.
  • Know how to meet different beings on the Astral Plane.


  • All that is required is an open mind

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