How will you ensure the quality of meat, beef, chicken or eggs sold in the market?

Before consuming the Non-Vegetarian food items like Eggs, Chicken, Beef or Meat which are sold in the market, one must ensure that they are of superior quality in order to avoid the ill effects that might occur after consuming. Check the followings:

Safety Measures while Buying

  • Do not buy them from any sub-standard shop. Non-vegetarian food will be tasty, healthy and hygienic only when purchased from a shop that sells fresh products.

  • Do not blindly go by the term “Organic”. Most organic stores, if not properly researched may befool gullible customers. Hence, go by the well-researched store and be a frequent buyer of that particular shop.

  • Go for packed products in Supermarkets as long as possible.

  • Chicken that is bloated, or over fat; is a sure shot “No” to buy. Look for plump breasts but not fat stomach.

  • Beef: Buy ‘Graded beef’ in order to ensure quality. The ‘Standard’ grade of the beef is recommended as it is softer than the other grades, which may be difficult to chew. It is always advisable to buy beef in bulk and make bigger cuts and cook, rather than making smaller cuts and then cook.

  • Eggs: Check the quality of eggs, use the ‘Archimedes Principle’. Take eggs and place them in a bowl full of water. Depending upon whether they sink or float in the bowl, you can choose them for use. The eggs that float are stale, while the ones that stay at the bottom are the best ones.

  • Meat: The fresher the Meat, the brighter it is in its luster. Make sure, the meat is lustrous and uniform in its texture. Meat which has broken texture is a huge disappointment and lacks freshness.

Happy Eating!!

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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