How true are astrology and numerology predictions?

Many people believe in Astrology and Numerology to know about their future. These two are different streams of science where a person's future is predicted based on some calculations and scientifically proven methods.


Astrology is a kind of indicative science that interprets the relationship between the movements and positions of celestial bodies and human life in the natural world. According to Astrology, a person born at a certain time when the celestial bodies are in certain positions influences the life of that person in a certain way.

In my view, a true astrologer who can make perfect calculations can predict things at least with 70% accuracy. But still, I emphasize that this is an indicative science only. Because, any predictions can vary according to the decisions made by a person, which only his mind can drive. So, this is a theory which indicates the chances of encountering certain experiences and having certain lucks, when gone in a certain path. These may sometimes work and sometimes not.


Well, to be frank, I didn’t find it always good. There are obviously some time periods when we get lucky, by some means. This happens with everyone, but in different time periods, randomly. I think we find such a coincidence when we have numerology in our mind. Somehow, you can find situations that make you lucky related to numerology. But I don’t think it always holds true.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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