How to wash shoes made up of cloth at home?

It is said that “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. One must maintain personal and community hygiene. So we should always use clean footwear and clothes. But, since most of the shoes made up of cloth have cotton, they are highly absorbent and can hold onto stains too easily.

This Is How You Can Wash Such Type of Shoes

  • Untie the shoelaces.

  • Wash the shoes thoroughly so that any mud, stone pallets etc. are separated from the shoes.

  • When the external dirt is removed, soak the shoes to be washed in a bucket with detergent and water mixture.

  • Let it remain soaked depending upon how dirty the shoes were before washing them.

  • After an hour or two, remove the shoes from the detergent mixture and throw away the dirty water.

  • Take a brush and rub it all over the shoes, especially where the dirty area.

  • Wash them again and let them dry in mild sunlight (else their color may fade away if they are colored).

  • For the laces, you may soak them too in a separate bucket of detergent and water. Then wash them properly with clean water. Dry them too in mild sunshine.

Tips To Wash Cloth Fabric Shoes At Home

  • An old toothbrush should be used since it requires less effort to rub.

  • Never use substandard quality detergent. A good laundry detergent or shampoo solution would do.

  • Let shoelaces hang to dry. Do not place them on the floor or a table etc, else they will be dirty all over again.

Thus, these are the ways in which you can clean the shoes made up of cloth material easily at home.