How to use the water high in fluoride content for all purposes?

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Clean water is very necessary not only for drinking purpose but also for other purposes like cleaning utensils, washing clothes, etc.

Ways to Clean Water

  • Boiling: Boiling is the easiest and by far, a quite trusted method of purifying water. But one must note that we cannot get rid of all Impurities through boiling. So, if the fluoride content is too high, boil it, but do not use it for drinking purpose. But use for other purposes like washing dark colored clothes, washing hair etc.

  • Add 'Lal Dawai': Lal Dawai is also called potassium permanganate. Its addition to water purifies it by the process of oxidation. But it also imparts a unique smell and a distinct red color, which may not be liked by all. So, one may use the fluoride-rich water, purified partially by ‘lal dawai’ for purposes such as washing clothes, washing utensils etc.

  • Add Alum (Fitkari): Alum is a compound of potassium. Use a string to tie alum to it. Rotate it for a few rounds. You will notice all suspended impurities sticking to it. Later, remove the alum from water and you may now consume the water if you do not own a water filter at home.

  • Earthen Pot: Storing water in the earthen pot is an age-old way of consuming potable water. You may use this technique if there is no water filter installed in your home.

  • Reverse osmosis: Water filters such as Kent R.O., Aquaguard, Purette etc. are ideal for a place where the supply of water is high fluoride content.

Published on 04-Feb-2019 10:12:17