How To Use Android: Beginners Guide for Smartphones, Tablets

The ultimate gift for your parents: Android os crashcourse for seniors & total beginners. Master your tablet or phone!


Learning to use an Android phone or tablet might be trivial for the newest generations. But our parents were not born with a smartphone in their hands. This course aims to bridge this gap by taking the time and patience to explain and demonstrate everything from absolute zero knowledge.

Learn To Use Android From Zero: the Complete Beginner User's Guide to Android Devices.

  • Slow and detailed lessons: (How to turn it on? How to scroll? How to type? )

  • Lots of examples to show and teach the concepts

  • Learn how to fish instead of just getting a fish

  • Various engaging exercises

This course is mainly for the senior generation to help them use their smartphones and tablets.

There are many benefits to learning how to use your Android device. By learning Android From Zero, you'll be able to connect more easily to your family and friends and solve problems on your own.

On the other hand, you'll be able to get your share of the wonders that this world brings. Create and consume content, learn new things, access knowledge, and share your own life with those you love.

Content and Overview

This course contains more than 8 hours of content in 98 lectures. It is designed for the senior generation while assuming no prior knowledge of the mobile world at all.

  • Understand the buttons and features of your device

  • Set up your phone (SIM card, charging, etc.)

  • Learn how to turn it on

  • Become confident with concepts about Android, applications, and navigation between apps

  • Get hands-on experience with general concepts in an application

  • Master the settings of your device

  • Learn the core functions of your phone: calls, texting, camera, clock

  • Learn how to use popular applications: browsing, instant messaging, navigation, email

  • Get familiar with routine tasks: clipboard, sharing, sending, and receiving contacts


  • This course does not cover using Apple's mobile devices.

  • This course teaches the basic Android OS without major manufacturer modifications.

    • Therefore highly specialized Android devices might look and work substantially different than shown here.

      • E.g., Samsung's ONE UI, TouchWiz, S. experience; Huawei's EMUI; Xaomi's MIUI

    • Still, general concepts should apply in most cases, just more creativity will be needed to apply them.

If you bought this as a GIFT

... then you are an awesome person!

To successfully help your loved one, you might consider doing the following steps to help them get the maximum out of this course.

None of this is required as I'll explain everything in the course. Still, if you help them with these things, it would significantly improve their learning experience.

  • Complete the "Setup Wizard" on their phone

    • If a phone is brand new or factory reset, then after the first time you turn it on, it will ask a few questions (EULA, WiFi password, Google login, etc. **).

    • Watch the "The setup wizard" Lecture* in the second section if you need help with that.

    • This course teaches them how to do it, but this would help them a lot. (**: Because these are concepts they'll learn at the end of this course, but this happens at the very beginning.)

  • Install the "Android From Zero" companion application on their phone from the Google Play Store

    • This app contains hands-on exercises covered in the course. (E.g., touch, scroll, keyboard, share, etc. exercises)

    • Watch the "Installing the companion app" lecture* in the fourth section if you need help with this.

    • This course teaches them how to do it, but installing an app is a concept they'll learn later in the course. However, this app would be helpful for them before that.

  • Show them how to open this class in their browser and how to start watching.

  • Bookmark this course on their computer (to be on the bookmarks toolbar)

    • This way, they can easily open it after they launch their browser.

    • Or show them any other way concerning how to open this course easily.

*: These lectures are available in full even before buying the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Elderly people, who did not born with a smartphone in their hands.
  • Total beginners, who might even feel intimidated by a smartphone.
  • Anyone who is struggling with the usage of their mobile device.
  • Who wants to learn how to use Android


  • Understand key concepts of setting up & using an Android device.
  • Master navigating inside of the device.
  • Learn how to execute daily tasks and use common applications.
  • Understand general concepts, like Apps, WiFi, SMS, Internet connection.
  • Become familiar with popular or common applications.
  • Understand how to use a smartphone.


  • A working mobile device (tablet or phone) that is running Android. 
  • No previous knowledge of mobile devices required.

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How To Use Android: Beginners Guide for Smartphones, Tablets
This Course Includes
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