How To Teach Your Children To Love Themselves

5-Step Mini-Course For Parents (36 Min.)


What you'll learn

  • Get Kids To Open Up

  • How To Make Them Do Chores - Without Nagging

  • Help Them Like And Love Themselves

  • Build Self-Esteem In Kids

Children who dislike themselves are often angry and insecure.

Children who like and love themselves are harmonious, polite, and have inner peace and security.

"Do you have an inner critical voice that tells you negative things? Which holds you back in your life?"

I do. As many as 85 percent of us hear this "judge" who says we are not valuable or good enough.

The voice was born in our childhood. Our parents had the biggest impact on us then.

In 36 minutes you can have learned how to stop this critical judge in your child.

Here is my experience after working as a coach for children and youth for 14 years:

"The kids that succeed in life, are the ones who like and love themselves."

Making sure your child has good self-esteem is more important than grades and doing good in sports.

"The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves."

I have helped thousands of parents communicate so that their children do not follow their negative voice, but instead, see what strengths and qualities they have.

"We must first know ourselves before we can love ourselves."

Here you will learn what you can say to remove the inner critic in your child or make sure that it does not appear at all.

The course makes sure you lay the foundation for a sense of inner peace in your children, which they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.


Your child will not listen to you. (Anger, arguing, yelling)

* Your child will not talk to you and open up. (Low self-esteem, quiet, isolating.)

(The real reason they are angry or quiet is that they think they are failures and not good enough.)

* You want to be sure that you do not transfer insecurity - and help your child on the right path.

* A simple technique that leads to your child gaining better confidence and self-esteem.

* An effective tool that causes your child to do chores at home, such as cleaning the room - without arguing about it.

In the course, I also talk about the three most common mistakes parents make, when communicating with their children. And how to avoid this.

If you have problems with children, the solution is not to yell, bribe or punish. It can make the situation worse.

You can do this! Parents talk about good results. Fast.

Easier: When kids like themselves, they are so much easier to get along with.

My discovery 14 years ago

Many mothers and fathers I talk to think the most important thing behind a good relationship is that the children like their parents.

I thought so too...

It's not. It turns out that the key to a really good relationship lies in how well people like themselves - in conversation with you. That's the secret!

Top Tip

If you can help them like themselves - they will like you, their behavior will improve and you will get the relationship you dream of.

Don't Miss Out!

You are just minutes away from your child experiencing these methods and getting the warm feeling of self-love.

Share your results!

This course is only effective if and when you use the methods.

Say the words to your child!

It would be great if you could share the effect.

Tip: Use one sentence/method per day. 

Once you see some changes, celebrate by sharing so we can see what everyone is working towards.

Feel free to share anything else you learn about yourself and your child.


  • Get Kids To Open Up

  • How To Make Them Do Chores - Without Nagging

  • Help Them Like And Love Themselves

  • Build Self-Esteem In Kids


  • No experience required

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How To Teach Your Children To Love Themselves
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