How to stop female infanticide?

The female infanticide is a shameful act of killing the female baby either in the womb or after their birth. Though the implementation of the Preconception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act of 1994 (PC&PNDT Act) has reduced the female foeticide, that couldn’t stop this completely. Still, some doctors are violating this act in a few areas which encourage female foeticides. Though this act is in implementation in India, many countries are facing this issue, which is globally affecting the ratio of women.


In some countries like India, Son is considered as an asset while Daughter is considered as a Liability. A son stays with parents even after marriage and gets daughter-in-law and also dowry whereas a daughter takes their wealth in the form of dowry to the son-in-law and works for him and his family somewhere else for her entire life. This thinking has created a major gap in assessing a son and daughter.

  • The financial sickness regarding dowry (money, gifts, household items) forces many of them to opt for female infanticide reluctantly.

  • Also, according to many religious customs, it was believed that a son can relieve your soul from all the sins and help you reach god’s adobe after the death. To be frank, a son-in-law also does the same whereas it is considered a boon to have a son than a daughter.

  • In many places, bearing a son is regarded as a prestige symbol of potency and a symbol of manhood for the father, rather than having a daughter.

  • Boys are considered descendants where girls are considered as an outsider as she leaves the home after marriage.

Ways that Would Help

  • It is clearly understood that eradicating the practice of offering dowry can help reduce the female infanticide. This evil practice is also making people so violent that new brides are being set ablaze for dowry.

  • People should be educated even about religious practices that offering your daughter’s hand in marriage (Kanyadaan) provides you with all the benefits (moksha).

  • Awareness should be brought that bearing a child is itself a symbol of potency whether it is a girl or a boy.

  • Everyone should strongly believe that bringing up a girl is like bringing up a future mother who has to restructure a family tomorrow.

Some things are better understood when practised. It takes time, patience and consistent efforts for bigger changes to occur.