How to stay Motivated

While Decluttering & Organizing.

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The idea of decluttering & organizing your spaces can feel REALLY exciting, but sometimes motivation falls short when you get into it.

You know... when you've pulled all the clothes out of your closet and onto your bed and now the task feels overwhelming instead of exciting.

We want you to have tools to navigate those feelings of overwhelm so you can start and finish any organizing task.

As professional organizers who have been in the business since 2012, we've learned some tips for you to help keep the motivation high when the work seems impossible.

This course covers:

  • understanding what motivation is

  • helpful questions to ask yourself along your journey

  • a meditation exercise

  • fun tips to make your work feel simpler

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  • Introduction
  • What is motivation
  • Questions to help with Motivation
  • Meditation and Visualization tour through your home
  • Wrapping Up Tips to stay Motivated
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How to stay Motivated
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  • 5 Lectures
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