How to start learning a new language?

Linguistics is an important part of preserving traditional knowledge and help in preserving regional diversity. Learning a new language is exciting and challenging. A new language helps in understanding the stories and traditions that exist with local people. Hence, many people are always keen on learning new languages. There are bound to be ambiguities and disconnections while learning a new language. It is important to keep perseverance and patience in grasping the new elements of the language. Here are some tips which help to start learning a new language:

Use Translation

Whenever you are learning a new language, it is also important to keep in mind that you are learning the essence and meaning as well and not just the literary aspects. Hence, the translation method helps in building a connection with a new language. In learning a new language, always try and translate the words into Hindi/ English/ your mother tongue. This helps in learning difficult words easily and increases the grasping power.

Four Sentence A Day

Learning a language needs to pave way for effective communication in the future. Hence, it is extremely important to practice four sentences in a combination of easy and difficult ones in a conversation format with a language expert. This can help in the improvement of the pronunciation with effective feedback from the language expert.

Watching Movies

This can be a fun-learning method once you grasp some basics of the language. You can watch movies in the same language with subtitles. It provides entertainment and also helps in building the vocabulary for the language. The other supplements also include magazines, comics, books, etc. in that language.

Writing Down Points

Whenever you find a difficult word or something unique write it down in a language notebook. Try to practice these words in sentences in real life situations that will help building skills for communication with people in that language. It is important to maintain a separate notebook while learning a new language.

Revise In Your Mind Continuously

The brain rule states ‘Remember to repeat, repeat to remember’. Hence, revision forms the key to polishing the language skills. Keep repeating the new points you have learned in the language. The main purpose for doing this is that it lasts in your mind for a longer time.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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