How to Reverse a String in PL/SQL using C++

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Pl/SQL is a block-structured language that combines SQL's functionality with procedural commands. In this article, we will discuss a program in PL/SQL to reverse a given string for example −

Input : taerGsIdoG
Output : GodIsGreat
Explanation : reverse string of “taerGsIdoG” is “GodIsGreat”.

Input : LQS
Output : SQL
Explanation Reverse string of “LQS” is “SQL”.

Approach to find The Solution

  • First, you need to find the length of the given string.
  • Now you can traverse the line but in a reversed order.
  • Store each character in another string while traversing.
  • At last, you can print the reversed string.


   -- declaring variables to be used.
   input_string VARCHAR(50) := 'taerGsIdoG';
   length NUMBER;
   reversed_string VARCHAR(20);

   -- finding the length of the string.
   length := Length(input_string);

   -- traversing the string in reversed order.
   FOR i IN REVERSE 1.. length LOOP
   -- storing each character in reversed_string variable
   reversed_string := reversed_string || Substr(input_string, i, 1);

   dbms_output.Put_line(‘Reversed string : ' || reversed_string);


Reversed string: GodIsGreat


In this article, we discuss a PL/SQL programming language that is very simple; it feels like using ordinary English to give the command to the system, which is a block-structured language. We also discussed a program to reverse a string in PL/SQL language. We hope you find this article helpful.

Published on 29-Nov-2021 10:59:47