How to retrieve the OS caching setting of Azure VM using Azure CLI in PowerShell?

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To retrieve the OS Caching setting of the Azure VM using CLI, we can use the below command.

PS C:\> az vm show -n VMName -g VMRG --query storageProfile.osDisk.caching -otsv



You can also get the caching setting on the Azure VM without using the resource group name using the command below.

PS C:\> az vm list --query "[?name=='vmname'].storageProfile.osDisk.caching" -otsv

If you need to retrieve the setting for all VMs then,

PS C:\> az vm list --query "[].{VMName:name, ResourceGroup:resourceGroup,
caching:storageProfile.osDisk.caching}" -otable
Updated on 02-Sep-2021 11:02:24