How to prevent raw rice from being destroyed by termites?

Cereals like wheat, rice often get infected by pests like termites and other insects. It is thus significant to know the various ways and manners in which we can avoid this issue. This is how you can save your cereals:

1. Natural Ingredients: Use cloves, cardamom and cinnamon sticks in the jar of rice you have for storage. But do not add a few of these in kilos of rice. 12-15 pieces of these in 1 kg of rice should be a safe ratio.

2. Chemical Compound Addition: The other popular method is the use of boric acid. Boric acid is available in the form of powder or even tablets nowadays. Add it to the raw rice and thoroughly wash it before use.

3. Termites Saving Tablets: 'Paarad ki goli' is a traditional tablet available at pharmacist stores which are used to avoid the raw rice being spoilt by pests. Wash the rice properly, before use in this case too.

4. Let It Remain Sealed: Do not open the sealed bag of Basmati rice if you have purchased it and do not wish to make it. Sealed packs of India Gate Basmati Rice or Daawat brands, etc. have gases inside it, which does not let rice to get spoilt. The case is similar to the packet of Lays one buys from the market.

5. Make Use of Garlic Bulbs: Use unpeeled garlic cloves in the storage jar of rice. It will prove a Wonderful method to avoid rice being ruined.

Hence, these easy to follow methods will save both money and effort in procuring the new pack of rice once the previous one has been spoilt.