How to Increase Your Metabolism After 40?

We all know Metabolism plays a big role in watching our weight. Once we turn forty our body metabolism slows down and it becomes much harder to lose weight. That is the reason people put on weight after a certain age, even when they work hard to burn the calories and become more cautious about their diet.

Here are some tips to increase your metabolism after 40:

Increase your Protein Intake − Research shows that increasing the intake of protein, metabolism increases and appetite will be reduced considerably. This will automatically reduce weight.

Change your Food habits − If you are an avid coffee drinker, start taking black coffee avoiding cream and sugar. Add green tea to your routine. Add more spice to your food, as capsaicin in chilies can boost your metabolism. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Not only that, reduce your alcohol intake.

Change your Workout Routine − You have to increase muscle mass after 40 which will enhance the body metabolism. To increase the muscle mass, add strength training to your workout routine.

Avoid Stress − Stress triggers the stress hormone which lowers your metabolism. People who have good night sleep are observed to maintain weight.

Increase your Iron intake − This is mostly for women. Postmenopause many women are susceptible to lose iron and suffer from low iron levels. This affects their metabolism adversely. Add more leafy vegetables, kales, and beans to your diet. Take fish oil supplements to boost your metabolism.

Above all try to stay active throughout the day. Either you are working or a homemaker it is very important to keep yourself occupied throughout the day.

You cannot increase metabolism after 40 if you live a sedentary lifestyle.