How to help your baby sleep in the night?

Is your little bundle of joy is active and awake whole night? Following are the tips for helping your baby sleep throughout the night.

  1. Set A Sleeping Routine when your baby becomes two to three months of age. Make sure the sleep time of your baby remains consistent every day. Also, give time to your baby to follow the same sleeping pattern. Even if your toddler seems joyful mood, put him to sleep on his bed. Following this regularly will definitely set a routine for your infant.

  2. Keep Your Baby Engaged Through the Day. Allow your baby to play more in the evening. Take your baby out for a walk and engage him more mentally and physically. If you sense that your baby is feeling sleepy in the late evening, show him toys or things that will keep them awake for some more time. Gradually, the sleeping time of your baby will shift towards night.

  3. Use A Single Bedroom Your Baby's Sleep Area. Your baby will soon identify the sleeping area. Make sure you do not put toys in the sleeping area. Also, remove all the distractions from the area where your baby is learning to sleep. Keep the night time conditions of your room same each day. If your baby wakes up at midnight, he will see everything is the same and will fall off to sleep easily. The sound, curtains, the dim light he experiences while going to sleep should remain consistent throughout.

  4. Avoid Playing with Your Baby In the Midnight. Sing a bedtime rhyme you sing every day to make him know it is the time to sleep.

  5. Engage Him In Soothing Activities Right Before bedtime. Activities like patting your his back and head, singing a favorite rhyme, giving a body massage will all help calm your baby.

  6. The Last Meal of Your Baby Should Be A Filling One, which will keep him full through the night; otherwise, your toddler might wake up in the midnight due to hunger.

  7. Also, a bedtime bath will help your baby relax and get him/her to sleep on time.

  8. Shut Down All the Distractions like loud music, noise, sounds, television, or bright lights.