How to Fix Painful Shoes?

There is no denying the fact that the first impression is the last. Well, whatever it may be that you're wearing, you surely must remember shoes since those are the first to be noticed. With a shift in the global fashion scenario, the craze for shoes has also risen drastically. Everyone is slowly becoming aware of the different shoe types and how to style them.

However, this has also brought up a problem many need help to address. Having painful shoes is something almost everyone goes through, and it's essential to understand how you can fix this issue. Below mentioned are some of the ways to improve painful shoes.

Keeping a Check on the Friction

Only a few people realize this, but friction is one of the main reasons for painful shoes. To fix painful shoes, reduce the friction when you wear your favorite shoes next time.

Some of the ways you could reduce the friction are as follows −

  • Wearing Socks − Wearing socks helps to build a cushion between your feet and shoes. This not only enables you to reduce friction but also keeps your feet hygienic.

  • Using Toe Protectors − Toe protectors are another helpful option to reduce friction. If you want to make a makeshift toe protector, you could put a bandage on the area where you feel you might have a shoe bite.

  • Anti-friction Sticks − You can go for an anti-friction stick. Just apply the anti-friction stick on your feet before you wear shoes. This will not only fix your painful shoes but will also prevent any blisters from coming up.

Making Your Shoes More Comfortable

Almost every one of us is guilty of not paying heed to the break-in advice we get. Well, it's essential to break in and make shoes comfortable before wearing them since new shoes also make up for painful shoes. You could stretch the shoes by using a wooden or plastic shoe shaper overnight. Some of the other ways of making your shoes comfortable are −

  • Oiling the Shoes − You can put oil like coconut oil or olive oil into the edges of your shoes. This trick works best with leather shoes. Consider using a leather conditioner if you’re concerned about the effects of certain oils.

  • Warming the Shoes − You can use this option for fast relief from painful shoes. Wear your shoes with socks and heat the tight spots with a hair dryer. Walking around after this is undoubtedly going to make your experience less painful.

  • Doubling the Socks − You could fix painful shoes by doubling the socks. Sometimes the shoes become a little loose after you break into them. To do away with this problem, you can wear double socks, which provide a cushion and make it less painful.

Using Moleskin

One of the most effective ways to fix painful shoes is moleskin. Purchase a moleskin and place one sheet behind the strap. Once done, mark it out with a pencil. Simply cut out the sheet and paste it inside the shoe. This will not only fix your painful shoes but also has a lot of other benefits.

Using moleskin is also going to help you avoid blisters and chafing. If you wish, you could simply fix the sheet on your feet too.

Using Insoles

Another reason for having painful shoes is the fact that your feet move too much inside your shoes. Of course, this can be fixed by wearing correctly sized shoes, but sometimes the design of the shoes is such that the feet move inside it.

You can go for insoles that would be more comfortable and restrict the feet from moving inside the shoes. With less movement, the friction is going to be less. This is another relaxing way to fix painful shoes.

Ball of the Foot Cushions

Apart from blisters, another problem a lot of people go through is a pain in the balls of the feet. Well, you simply have to put a ball of foot cushion inside your shoes. Since the pain mostly happens due to the shoes' hardness, the cushions provide more comfort.

Avoiding Flat Shoes

The trend of flat shoes is fast catching up. Well, it’s always important to be advised when buying flat shoes. Try avoiding flat shoes if you even have the slightest hints of having a flat foot. Buying flat shoes with arch support goes a long way in making sure your feet don’t hurt the next time you wear them.


As we have highlighted in this tutorial, there are several different ways to fix painful shoes. A method that worked for your friend may not work for you. It's important to understand what suits you best according to your feet and shoes. At the same time, you should not ignore the importance of buying proper‑sized and fit shoes so that you don't have to fix them at all.

Updated on: 16-Feb-2023


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