How to Deal With Inconsiderate People?

We all come across inconsiderate individuals from time to time. Examples of such individuals can be one who does not hold the door open for one at a mall or cuts the line and goes in front of someone else. This behavior can drain one of the positive vibes and make the other person feel irritated or cranky. It hampers our view of human nature and makes us negative about others. Often people behave rudely in response to such behavior.

Most of us understand that one cannot stop such behavior. But we all have a way to combat such inappropriate behavior. Either one can be negative or talk rudely with them. Another better attitude is to maintain your positive nature and change the behavior of such people. It is killing someone with kindness. By treating them with compassion, one will be able to make the world a better place to live.

Why do people become inconsiderate?

Everything happens for a reason. And one must understand why people are inconsiderate.

It is easy for many to see an inconsiderate individual and judge him. However, it is difficult to understand the causes of the person becoming inconsiderate. Rude people fall into two groups. One group shows such behavior. And they do not care. The second group consists of individuals who face problems and vent their stress through such behavior. Whatever inconsiderate behavior one might encounter, one must understand that this is not a personal attack.

If an individual has a rude character, they are rude to all. If one is having a stressful day, one might feel guilty about showcasing such inconsiderate behavior. Though you might be at the receiving end of such behavior, you are not the cause.

In some situations, such inconsiderate behaviors are provoked by acting rudely. If a person feels verbally attacked, their defenses will kick in. They might behave in such a manner. If you feel that your rudeness towards the other individual was the cause of such behavior, then take control of the situation and propagate positivity.

An apology can also help in diffusing the confrontation.

We have listed some ways of dealing with an inconsiderate person.

Do not take the behavior as a personal assault

It's not about you is the secret to maintaining your composure when receiving horrible treatment. Remember that our prior experiences and preconditioned attitude, triggered by fear and the recollections of previous encounters, most often impact our conduct. Get perspective and identify the motivation behind these behaviors. You must detach from the situation and sympathize if you consider what might be hiding behind an insulting comment (an experience, they might be hurting and not doing well, or they are just plain having a difficult day).

Take a breather to calm down

Instantaneous responses are never a good sign. Take a few deep breaths to calm down, then concentrate on what you can manage and affect. In other words, resist the temptation to bite. If you do, there is no doubt that things will swiftly get out of hand and escalate in the wrong direction.

Express your concerns by asking a query

Use questions to shift the conversation, especially if you have a close relationship with the person. By asking "What's up?" you appear irritated or preoccupied. It may cause the conversation to change for the better. Also, asking questions can provide you some time to gather your thoughts after the initial shock of the unpleasant activity and enable you to comprehend the situation.

Don't worry about little matters

Go the moral route. Even while it might feel nice at the moment to lash out, this is a poor course of action. Are you being pushed around? Don't take it personally. Remember the first point. Remind yourself of your gratitude for what you have, and for who you have it.

Provide your opinion and then let go of the topic

Fully agree, but differ as well. Defend your position in your response, and do so politely. Inform the person that you were offended by their actions or remarks. If they keep going, tell them to stop, then go on.

Make room for kindness

Be kind. Everyone you encounter is waging a hard struggle, advises an old proverb. The situation might change if you can put this wise advice into action the next time you are confronted by aggressive behavior. You could observe that disrespectful behavior in your daily interactions decreases when you work from a position of compassion. If being rude is contagious, showing kindness to others is the remedy.

Show off your specialty at a job

Some people could be nasty to you because they don't trust you to do the job right, especially in the workplace. Even though everyone has room for improvement and humility may be a beneficial quality, don't be afraid to assert your expertise.

Be courteous and direct if you believe someone is underestimating you. Calling things out might occasionally help release tension and demonstrate your self-assurance.

By keeping a file of all your accomplishments, you can work on boosting your confidence. This folder may contain a photo of you from your college graduation, an email from your boss complimenting your work on a project, or the notes you took during a presentation.

Having a one-on-one conversation

If the unpleasant person is someone you love or a co-worker, you might want to wait to confront them publicly. It is never appropriate to treat someone rudely. Yet tackling the matter in public could make them defensive and cause the situation to worsen.

Instead of scolding them for their impoliteness, explain how their behavior affected you when you converse with them.

Avoid the impolite individual if all else is a failure

Avoidance is not the best course of action, but occasionally addressing rudeness in others doesn't work. As they have no justification for stealing your sunshine, you might need to stay away from them whenever you can in such a situation.


There are different ways in which an inconsiderate person can behave toward others. Do not be affected by their negativity or rudeness that dim your positivity. However, do not let these issues go unaddressed. Be focused and be happy.

Updated on: 11-Apr-2023


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