How to Cry on the Spot?

With lives getting busier, the cases of people ignoring their emotional and mental health are on the rise. This makes it much more essential to take care of our emotions. One of the most effective ways of dealing with emotions is crying. Crying indeed makes you feel better, be it anxiety, frustration, or even stress.

Since crying needs stimulation, it sometimes becomes challenging to cry when you need to. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand how you can call on the spot. Some of the ways to call on the spot are as follows −

Not Blinking the Eyes

Our eyes are designed to keep any unwanted particles outside the eyes. Hence, they blink at regular intervals. One of the first ways to cry at your will is not blinking your eyes. Try staring at one point for 20 – 30 seconds to cry on the spot. This would affect the natural functioning of the eye, forcing it to recalibrate.

Once you’ve not blinked, your eyes would start burning, and a few tears would fall. When you feel the tears falling, try thinking about a sad point in your life to cry more.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are also an effective way of crying on the spot. If done properly, breathing exercises make the parasympathetic nervous system activity, one of the main factors responsible for emotional balance. Once you start practicing the exercises, you undergo healing at different stages, which can make you cry easily.


Yawning is another way to help you cry on the spot. It starts a physical reaction in your eyes which glistens them. This happens because yawning raises the soft palates of your eyes. After your eyes have glistened, your eyes will become wet with some tears and drops. Eventually, you can recall a bad memory to make it a little more emotional.

Visual Media

Another way to cry on the spot and more easily is watching an inspiring or emotional video. You may look at a scene that always makes you emotional or even an inspiring video with a bit of dramatic background music. All this can give you goosebumps, and a sudden push of emotions can make you cry more easily.


Practicing gratitude is one of the ways which can make you cry by remembering the good moments. You can try to recall the things you’re grateful for to make you emotional. Even thinking about how a mother cares for her baby and then thinking about your mother is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Once you have some tears, you just need to think more about what made you cry, and you’d be crying before you even realize it.

Think about the Saddest Time in Your Life

To cry on the spot, you can also think about the saddest time of your life. When you think about the tough times, you just have to think about how you felt in that situation, how you overcame it, and the difficulties you faced. Recalling all these memories is bound to make you more emotional and help you cry easily on the spot.

Listening to Music

There is no denying that music is a strong way to control our mood. It can easily uplift the spirits and easily make someone cry. You can listen to music to help you cry easily. Whether it's a breakup, missing someone, or needing motivation, you'd have music for all the moods. This would provide a very strong stimulation to your emotions which is helpful to make you cry on the spot.

Working Out

Sometimes, it gets frustrating not to be able to cry when you need to. Indulging in high intensity workout sessions like boxing and kicking can help you release stress quickly. Once the stress decreases, you make more room for the emotions to flow. This, again, would help you to cry easily on the spot.

Talking to Someone

Talking to someone is one of the easiest methods of crying and a healthy way of dealing with emotions. When you speak to someone, you not only release the feelings but also acknowledge them subtly. Recognizing emotions and what you’re going through stimulates your mood and makes it easier for you to cry.

You can talk to a friend or therapist if you need a little professional help. This way, you will not only be able to cry your heart out but also recess whatever has happened or you're going through, leading to more emotional balance.


To cry on the spot, you can also choose to write your thoughts. Writing down what you’re experiencing helps you to process whatever is happening and also allows the emotions to come up properly. This makes writing a critical way to cry easily.


All these ways can help you to cry on the spot. One of the essential things to keep in mind is not to feel any pressure when you're trying to cry. Feeling any sort of pressure could suppress the emotions trying to come up, making it more difficult for you to cry.

Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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