How To Create a Metallic Lip Makeup Look?

Metallic lip makeup options are a fantastic way to glam up and toughen up your makeup look. You can accomplish this appearance with a variety of methods and tools, whether you want a blatant, high-shine metallic finish or a more subdued sheen. We'll go over some of the best techniques for applying a metallic lip in this guide, including picking the ideal metallic colour, using lip liner and lipstick, and adding gloss or shimmer for more dimension. You can make an impression wherever you go by wearing a statement metallic lip with just a few easy steps.

What does Metallic Lip Makeup Look Define?

Metallic lipstick is a daring trend that is gaining popularity. You may make your own metallic lip colour at home if you want dramatic lips for a party or event. Metallic lipstick has grown incredibly fashionable over the past few years. Many of the metallic colours that beauty companies are releasing have been styled on the faces of celebrities, the catwalk, and in a number of beauty commercials. Like other lipsticks, metallic lipstick enhances or alters the colour of the lips. Metallic lipsticks come in a variety of colours, from metallic silver to metallic red, but they are most often identified by their silvery iridescent lustre.

The tinny or chrome-like appearance of metallic lip colours gives them their moniker. Whether they are neutral or vivid, metallic lipsticks contain pigments or emollients as well as occasionally small metal particles to give them their metallic sheen. The most crucial advice is to keep other makeup to a minimum when wearing metallic lips because you don't want it to be too dominating. Additionally, make an effort to coordinate your lipstick with your attire.

Tips To Create a Metallic Lip Makeup Look

Even if you're willing to experiment with metallic lip colours, there are still guidelines you should follow. After all, a single application mistake might make you appear robotic. These metallic lipstick tips can help you make your lips glitter.

Cleanse Your Lips

Before using metallic lipstick, exfoliate, hydrate, and prime your lips. After exfoliating your lips with a mild lip scrub, apply a nourishing lip balm. In order to ensure that your metallic lip colour will apply smoothly and stay a long time, apply a lip primer before applying it.

Apply Your Normal Foundation

You should start by applying your normal foundation. Apply the foundation with your fingers or a makeup brush. The foundation should then be blended into your skin using your hands, a sponge, or a cosmetic brush. You can skip this step if foundation is not typically something you wear.

Pick A Colour That Looks Good on You

Numerous colours are available in metallic lipsticks. It's entirely up to you if you want to skip on to glistening silver lips; we applaud your resolve! But if you're not used to the shiny look, start out small by choosing a colour that is close to the one you typically wear. If you often use lipstick in the nude/brown tone, go with metallic bronze. If you adore red, try for a metallic or somewhat golden shade of the colour. For your outfit, pick whatever colour you like. If you're having trouble deciding, consider the situation or your attire.

Metallic lipstick frequently aims to seem quite striking. Choose lipstick in tints like gold, vibrant reds, and deep colours like black and violet if you want to express a stronger look. This provides you a theatrical appearance that can be suitable for a party or other social occasion. But metallic lips don't necessarily have to have a strong, dominating appearance. Metallic lips can also be used for a more laid-back appearance. For an everyday appearance, for instance, choose softer tones of peach, pink, or other paler hues if you want metallic lips.

Put On Your Liquid Lipstick Foundation

Before applying the metallic glimmer to your lips, you must first apply a basic foundation. Select a liquid lipstick that is the same metallic tone as the one you want. Before putting on your metallic glaze, apply this lipstick to your lips as usual. Use matte lipstick instead of liquid liner if you don't have any. However, liquid liner typically works the best because it emits the metallic lip glow.

Make A Metallic Coating Mixture

Even though it can be pricey, elegant metallic lipstick is not necessary. Using a colour pigment from a nearby beauty or department store and a makeup setting spray, you can create your own metallic covering. Choose the pigment of your choice. To create a spreadable combination for your lips, combine it with a small bit of the setting spray.

Put On the Metallic Coating

Apply the metallic coating to your lips with a lipstick brush. You should carefully sweep metallic lipstick over your lips in gentle swiping motions until your entire mouth is covered. When you're finished, you ought to have striking metallic lips to flaunt.

Remember To Apply Lipliner

Even if you don't typically wear lipliner, this might be a good time to give it a try. If you're experimenting with bolder, brighter colours than normal, you don't want to take the chance of your lipstick extending over your lips or the colour bleeding. You need to use a lip liner to keep your lips in position. It resembles tracing an outline before colouring it in.

Apply Only with A Mirror

Metallic lipstick is not one of the cosmetics that may be applied while rushing out the door (without a mirror). It's simple to identify faults thanks to the shimmering colour. To guarantee a flawless application, you should always apply your metallic lip colour in front of a mirror. To avoid fading or colour transfer, be sure to carefully blot your lipstick.

Cover The Edges

You can wind up using your lipstick to colour outside the lines of your pout, regardless of how skilled or inexperienced you are with makeup. Concealers, thankfully, offer an immediate solution. Apply a small quantity of concealer to your lips with a lip brush, following the lip's outer edge. By doing this, you will conceal the colour at the edge of your lip line and get a crisp, defined metallic makeup appearance.


A fun and original approach to express oneself with cosmetics is to create a metallic lip look. You can produce a statement lip that adds glitz and edge to your entire makeup look by picking the ideal metallic tint and applying it precisely.

Consider adding a little of gloss or glitter for more dimension and sparkle, and always use lip liner to outline your lips and prevent smearing. A metallic lip is a terrific option that can be tailored to suit your individual style, whether you're going out for the evening or just want to try a new beauty trend.

Updated on: 05-May-2023


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