How to Clean Crocs?

A very versatile type of footwear is a croc. They are cozy to wear both inside and outside. They work great for scrambling on rocks and walking along the sand, whether they get wet or not. Since Crocs are made to be worn outside, they frequently become dirty, in particular, if your favorite pair just so happens to be white.

What is most important is to clean the Crocs without damaging them. There is no denying the popularity of Crocs. They are cozy, functional, and available in many colors. But what should you do if they become soiled? In this tutorial, we will show some quick hacks that you can use to clean your Crocs.

What are Crocs?

The new shoe company Crocs was established in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States, in 2002. This company initially produced flip-flops, loafers, and sandals before creating Crocs. The originals are the Crocs. Everyone who enjoys comfort, including schoolchildren, medical professionals, restaurant staff, and others, adores them.

The main reasons Crocs are so well-liked are their adaptability and simplicity of use. The footwear is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are known to shield your feet from hot pavement or jagged objects and are comfortable even when wet.

Decorations are commonly applied to Crocs clogs to make them more unique. The foam that was formerly utilised to produce Crocs shoes has been replaced by Croslite Polymer, a polymer that is neither plastic nor rubber. This particular resin is neither plastic nor rubber. Some studies claim that this supple material provides good cushioning and prevents bacterial development.

The traditional white Crocs will show dirt and dust more quickly than other colours, despite the fact that there are plenty to pick from. Crocs require extremely little upkeep because they are composed of a material that is simple to clean. They may be machine washed, hand washed, given a spot cleaning, or even placed in the washer. Both air drying and machine washing are good for them.

Based on the cleaning method you select, you will need the following items to clean your crocs −

  • Washing detergent
  • Soft cloth towel or any other clean piece of cloth
  • Soft scrub brush

Most likely you should have all of these, if not you can purchase a gentle scrub brush online or at a variety of retail stores. A soft scrub brush can be made from a cleaning toothbrush.

How to Clean Crocs?

Here, we have highlighted six different methods that you can use to clean your Crocs. Select a method based on the severity of the stain and the availability of the cleaning items −

Use a Solution of Any Liquid Soap and Water

Using a soap-and-water solution is the simplest and most direct method −

  • First, pour warm soapy water into the sink (any kind of soap will do).

  • After about five minutes of soaking, scrub your Crocs thoroughly with a soft brush or cloth.

  • Finally, rinse out any last traces of grime from the rubber nubs that give these shoes their incredibly comfortable grip! Repeat this procedure as necessary until all stains are eliminated.

Use a Mix of Baking Soda and Vinegar

You can try this somewhat more severe strategy if the previous one doesn't work. One component of baking soda and two parts vinegar are combined to form a paste.

You should apply this paste on your Crocs and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes before cleaning it off with a brush or toothbrush. When finished, wash the shoes in warm water to bring back their fresh beauty.

Some individuals find that, this solution gives their shoes a vinegar smell, but the scent should dissipate with time. If not, you could always try using baking soda alone in a combination or spritzing Febreze on your shoes.

Use a Magic Eraser

This method is a little more maintenance-intensive, but it is still quite simple. Your Crocs should be scrubbed with a wet solution until the stains are gone. It may take a few times of doing this for the shoes to be entirely clean.

To remove tough stains from the inside and exterior of your Crocs, use the Magic Eraser. Make careful to go into every nook and cranny of the shoes, and use a little pressure if required. If your Magic Eraser starts to lose its power, replace it with a fresh one.

Your shoes should be treated with the stain, washed with cold water after a brief immersion, and then dried with an uncolored paper towel. To protect the fabric of your shoes, don't wet the Magic Eraser excessively. After finishing, let them air dry.

Use a Bleach Soak

You can try a bleach soak if none of the other strategies work. This method should not be attempted by those who are weak of heart because if done improperly, it can harm your shoes.

Although it is clear that this method is not for routine cleaning, it can be used to remove tough stains that other methods have failed to remove. To ensure that your shoes don't begin to fall apart, test this technique on a hidden portion of them first.

Use Wipes for Quick Cleaning

Try cleaning your Crocs with a wipe that is safe for rubber products if you are unable to thoroughly clean them and want a quick fix "on the go."

Wipes can be rolled up to fit in the crevices of the Crocs and are a great way to remove the top layer of dust. To get rid of the dirt that has built up over time in cracks, scrunch up some wipes and place them there.

Wipes shouldn't be used for routine cleaning because they might not disinfect effectively, but they do stop mold from growing inside or on their surface. If your Crocs are dirty, wipes won't be able to fully clean them, but they'll work well for keeping them fresh while you're away.

Cleaning the Strap

Start cleaning the strap with toothbrush, soapy water, or baking soda paste should be used to clean out any dirt that has built up in the strap mechanism. In between straps, where they are worn, bacteria can grow very easily. If dirt accumulates on them, bacteria may hide beneath the strap and thrive undetected. The straps will last longer and avoid becoming hard if they are cleaned.

Remove the strap from your Crocs before cleaning it. Next, use a damp cloth to thoroughly clean the strap's two sides. Before reattaching them to your shoes, let them air dry.


Croc users should count themselves lucky because crocs are probably the simplest shoes to maintain. Even fuzzy, lined, and furry Crocs are a breeze to clean, thanks to their waterproof Croslite material.