How to Calculate Mining Profitability?

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Before you make your mind to go for crypto mining, you must get an in-depth clue of how can you utilize your money as well as other weapons. It is a fact that a huge sum goes into the expensive bitcoin ASICs. If you can bear the expenses, well enough but if you do not then you must know that it requires building a GPU miner for scrypt currencies. There would also be the requirement of a small ASIC machine for bitcoin or other SHA-256 currencies.

Puzzled? Do not be. This guide will let you know how to mine your crypto in the most profitable way. This Is How You Can Start

Select Your Currency

Mining digital currencies consists of puzzling out complex cryptographic puzzles. Through this, they give their proof of work and that is rewarded with digital currency. Largely, there are two proof-of-work hashing algorithms in use today: SHA—256 and scrypt.


The SHA-256 algorithm facilitate raw processing power. There was a time when miners would mine without any hustle and they did it so effectively even with using the CPUs and GPUs available in common PC. Now, this practice is passé, and the level of arduousness has gone up by the time. Thus, even the expert miners known as ‘Application Specific Integrated Chips’ (ASICs) are required to mine it. The boost in difficulty level and the use of powerful processors are the reason behind setting off a technological arms race. This leads to the conclusion that even the most lately designed chips can turn obsolete quickly.


This algorithm demands RAM in massive chunks as well as parallel processing ability. This is one of the reasons GPU-based rigs are more in vogue. In addition, ASICs for scrypt has not appeared in its full-fledged version; therefore, the tough levels of those currencies have not been elevated quite similar the case with bitcoin.

Follow This

First, fix your budget and then the type of currency you want to mine. We suggest you two ways to mine once you set up your mining system:

DIY Mining Rig

You can build from your own PC. You can go for as many graphic cards (GPUs) as you can fit or afford. At one hand, some folks use a standard PC case; many prefer unusual casings like beer crates, which allow more airflow around the components. One of the best advantages of DIY systems is that you can run both CPU and GPU mining at once.


They are self-contained units (power-adapters notwithstanding) which has a USB and/or Ethernet port, and you usually get them ready made. You have to spend a little more for ASIC miners than compared to DIY rigs. Largely, they are produced in the USA. This means that if you stay out of the US, get ready to pay a little more for it.

Power Up

Mining needs electricity-huge chunks of electricity. If you go for a DIY rig, you will get an ATX power supply unit (PSU) anyway. Therefore, it is wise to invest in the most efficient supply unit.

When you create a mining rig, you will need to consider the power requirements of all the components you are using-especially all those graphics cards. In addition, it is good to offer some excess capacity to deal with unforeseen instances and offer the potential to overclock your system.

ASICs, on the contrary, can do far more calculations with very less power because they are extremely specialized devices. You do not have to worry about putting yourself into solving the math puzzles to look for one suitable for the task because they ship with an apt power adapter.

The mining potential of various systems can be compared by taking the ratio of the number of hashes it can perform in a second, divided by the power it consumes. Hashing speed/power consumption= mining efficiency

Keep an Eye On Your Bills

Once you spend the early stage expenses of your rig, one thing that you must do is to know how to calculate your ongoing profitability against the cost of your electricity. Ask your electricity provider or just have a glance at your last bills. If the bills show the figure more than you earn, then it is not lucrative business for you.

Try Pooling

Spread your wings and bring people in your network so that you can form a pool or to go easy, simply join a pool where you can integrate resources with your peer miners.

Benefits of Joining A Pool:

  • You earn a share of the coins mined by all.
  • Stand a greater chance of solving a block.

Miners get a share of the rewards of the complexity level of the blocks they puzzle out is greater than the level applied by the operator. That level always lies somewhere between one and the difficulty level of the currency.

  • Be Conscious To the Issues

Spend to Ear

Inevitably, the complexity of levels of all currencies boosts with time-a fact that will lessen the chances of your equipment earning coins or mining shares. Therefore, it is significant to kick off with the best equipment you can afford in order to gain profits over the longest period.

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