How to become a Blockchain Developer

Become a Blockchain Developer in Weeks and Master the technology - for Non Technical and Techincal Students / Professionals in the shortest possible time and effort

Course Description

The idea of this course if to give you the easiest and best practices in becoming a blockchain developer. We will be focusing on the tools and platforms used along with sample projects

This course will teach you on how to become a blockchain developer and develop smart contracts on different blockchain networks like Ethereum, Avalance, Binance Smart Chains, Polygon etc 

You will learn to create your first smart contracts in different methods.

We will talk about Remix IDE, Metamask, Visual Code Studio, Moralis Framework, Truffle, Ganache etc

We also talk about Solidity which is the programming language for smart contracts.

Short Projects  will teach you the basics of the Truffle Framework and how to make it work with Ganache as your own private Ethereum blockchain network.

We will be setting up a few projects based on the Moralis Framework.

Moralis is a leading web development platform that offers everything that the user needs to create, host, and grow great dApps in one place. ... It is the quickest method to create and deploy decentralised applications (dApps) on Elrond, Ethereum, BSC, Solana, and Polygon.

We also have a short project using the Binance Smart Chains blockchain network.

When you are finished you will be able to create your own first decentralized application with Solidity / Truffle using Moralis Framework

This course will take you step by step from a complete beginner to be a blockchain developer.


  • How to be a blockchain developer in the shortest possible time

  • How to use Moralis Development Platform

  • How To Use Metamask

  • Using Remix As Online IDE

  • How To Use Truffle Framework & Ganache

  • How to create your own Crypto Currency / Token in Ehereum and Binance Smart Chains

  • How to use Open Zeppelin Framework

  • How to use Ganache / Test and Mainnet

  • How to connect to different Blockchain Networks


  • A Mac, PC, or Linux Machine

  • Basic knowledge of computers and Internet

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  • Introduction - How to become a Blockchain Developer
  • For Non Technical Students/Professionals - the skills required
  • For Technical Students/Professionals - the skills required
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  • Ian C West
    Ian C West

    This course was very informative and thorough. I was researching the Blockchain for weeks before the course but the course had even more complete information.

  • Aniket Donode
    Aniket Donode

    Awesome Content

How to become a Blockchain Developer
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