How to answer an arrogant boss without affecting egos of either?

There is an old saying, ”Boss is always right.” I wonder if it is correct! It is certainly not, as no one on this entire planet can be perfect. But then what to do in case of a haughty boss who is unyielding in all respects?

  • Never React, Simply Respond: It may happen in the heat of the moment, the boss may yell at us. But later, when he even comes back to his senses, he realizes his mistake and may feel sorry in his heart. So, be patient.

  • Document Everything: Inappropriate speech, bad reviews, bad behavior all should be noted by you. If there is a pattern of misconduct then the Human Resource Department will have to take action by either arranging a counseling session or eventually slapping a notice.

  • Ignore: Ignore him and just do your job, be polite and be civil to him. He may change someday for sure.

  • Include: Have some pity on him. Include him in office conversations or visit with him over lunch. And then, get back to work. Maybe, he is lonely, hence frustrated.