How put a restless baby to sleep?

Parenting is the toughest job in the world – especially for new moms as there are no breaks or holidays! And, if the baby is restless or does not sleep during the night, it is the mother who suffers the most. But how to make your restless baby sleep?

Always remember that sleep comes naturally to well-fed babies. So, full tummy is the key to good sleep. A newborn baby needs to drink milk at frequent intervals to ensure healthy growth and development.

Understand Signs of Sleepiness

Your newborn baby can't tell you that he/she is feeling sleepy but can give some definite cues like he can pull his ears, rub his eyes, or puffy eyes.

When you delay his/her sleep time, your little bundle of joy will become more restless, irritable, and may find more difficulty in sleeping then.

Do Not Change the Surroundings Frequently

Babies like to sleep in the known environment and with the known people. So, avoid a sudden change in routine and surroundings, and make your child sleep in the same room, same bed or cot.

Make Your Baby Understand the Difference Between Day and Night

Since most of the times newborn babies are inside the house, they can't differentiate day and night. Now, you must be wondering: how to teach the difference? Take your baby for a walk in the daylight. Create a sleepy environment for your baby. Dim the lights turn off all the loud noises and put him to sleep in his bed.

Understand Why Your Baby Wakes Up In the Middle of the Night

They can wake up and cry in the middle of the night due to many reasons like- your baby might be hungry or due to wet nappy. Understand the reasons and ensure that your baby is wearing comfortable clothes.

Maintain A Sleeping Routine

Just like you create a feeding pattern, create a sleeping routine as well. You can also give a warm bath before sleep. If you sing a rhyme then sing it every day. Such a routine will make him fall asleep easily every day.

Also, make a peaceful day for your baby. Keep your surrounding calm throughout the day and spend plenty of time with your child to make his day cheerful and easygoing. Take support of your husband to share responsibilities during the night.

However, you should consider the above-discussed points to make your restless baby sleep well; therefore, get some much-required sleep for you as well!