How Prosperous plays the role of a benevolent Providence in the Tempest by Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare was truly the greatest of all writers. Probably competing Shakespeare’s talent would be Milton and Dante, but no one else. He is not only a poet who is remembered for his life and works, but he is the one who is remembered for only the magnanimity and grandeur of his works.

The Tempest

Shakespeare's The Tempest is full of supernatural atmosphere. There is a passage in which he refers to Ovid is Prospero’s renunciation of magic. So, even Shakespeare referred to Ovid’s Metamorphoses to seek some inspiration for his play.

Who was Prosperous?

Prosperous is almost an embodiment of goodness who as Duke of Milton used to be 'rapt in secret studies' being dedicated to the 'betterment of his mind'. He was busy acquiring knowledge and this fault of his cost him his crown. As the play opens, we find him as more than a man who possessed superhuman control. His personality dominates his stage by being a person far beyond human capacity.

Benevolence of Prosperous

The true benevolence is revealed in his magical powers. He has suffered a lot at the hands kf Antonio, Aanso, Sebastian. He is sympathetic towards Miranda who is his daughter. He is very affectionately attached to her, and her happiness is all that he desires. As a wise man, he obeys the voice of reason and forgives all his enemies by forgetting the past. The elevation above petty means is what he has achieved.

This is because of the justice that he does which does not turn into personal revenge at all. We can term him kind and prudent. He definitely thought of revenge, but later he forgot all his foes and just thought of the happiness of his daughter.