How many times did you fall ill in the last one year? What were the illnesses?
(a) Think of one change you could make in your habits in order to avoid any of/most of the above illnesses.
(b) Think of one change you would wish for in your surroundings in order to avoid any of/most of the above illnesses.

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I had fallen ill thrice in last year. The illnesses were malaria, viral fever, and food poisoning.

(a) Change that I can implement in my habits to avoid these illnesses in the future are as follows:

(i) Keeping the house clean to avoid the mosquitoes' breeding places.

(ii) Consuming a balanced diet to boost immunity.

(iii) Eat fresh, healthy, hygienic, and homemade food. It will avoid food poisoning.

(b) Changes that I can implement in my surroundings to avoid more illnesses in the future:

(i) Preventing the accumulation of garbage in the community/building/society.

(ii) Dumping the garbage in a sorting way into recyclable, nonrecyclable, and wet wastes.

There are many reasons behind falling ill. Various things can make us sick such as,

1. We can get sick if we live in a place with dirty air, water, or insects that can make us sick. For example, Dengue or Malaria.

2. Many diseases are also caused by people who don't take care of themselves.

3. The state of a person's finances can also play a role in figuring out how well they are doing.

4. We could get sick because our immune system isn't working well, which can also lead to autoimmune diseases.

5. The state of your mind always has an effect on your body. For example, people with clinical depression may either lose weight or stop eating.

The importance of health are:

1. It is important to stay healthy because it makes it easier to do all the things you need to do every day.

2. Eating the right kind of healthy food can help you stay in shape and fight off diseases.

3. A person's well-being is affected more by their physical surroundings. So, it is very important to always live in a clean and healthy place.

4. Everyone cares about how clean the public places are. Diseases can be prevented in a big way by taking care of sewage and trash in the right way.

5. Being healthy and happy has a big effect on a person's personal and professional growth.

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