How I Finally Got the Bikini Body I Always Wanted?

The idea that a select few body types are "bikini bodies" is damaging and simply incorrect. All body types have the right to exist. And individuals have the right to dress however they wish, and to do so comfortably. There is no reason a large belly is nasty, wrong, or needs to be covered up.

That's what body acceptance movements are fundamentally about. Losing weight was not the key to feeling confident in a swimsuit. Even when a woman achieved that goal, donning a bathing suit was still problematic. Instead, the secret was to learn to accept her body enough to select swimsuits that fit and feel good on her body and appreciate it for everything that it has done and is still doing.

Simple tips to accepting your bikini body

Negative messages are floating around about what bodies can and should look like. For instance, the phrase "bikini body" is still frequently used to refer to a body that satisfies the cultural ideal of being skinny, young, physically fit, cisgender, and spotless.

Even if you are aware of movements like body positivity and acceptance, it can be difficult to put those principles into practice in your own life.

People think that being skinny makes one deserving and that only 'worthy' bodies ought to be displayed.

Here are some tips on to feel more at ease and confident in a swimming suit if you have body image issues this summer.

Diversifying the social media feeds

Those who frequently work with college and high school students on body image concerns advise varying the body types displayed in your social media feeds. It can be challenging to accept something outside of your limited perspective if you are always fixating on one certain sort of physique. On social media, there is a tonne of fantastic users who may inspire you to embrace your body and prove that there are good bodies out there.

Unfollow someone if their posts make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Alternatively, you can mute them if they are someone you know and do not feel comfortable unfollowing them to prevent their postings from appearing in your stream.

Stream Podcasts That Refute Diet Culture and Idealized Body Images

Your beliefs about bodies, weight, and health are not your invention. You have learned them. Things we have heard our entire lives and taken for granted are difficult to unlearn.

The best way to learn new concepts and assimilate them at your own pace is to listen to podcasts that expose all the myths we have been told about weight, health, and how bodies "should" look.

Identify Your Negative Language

It's critical to begin being conscious of the self-talk you are engaging in. Many of us carry an unregulated, continual negative thought process with us everywhere we go. Take note of your thoughts the next time you put on a bathing suit. Do the same when you gaze in the mirror, or when you view images of yourself. Do you right once begin to criticize certain aspects of your body? Do you only pay attention to things you dislike? What kind of phrases do you use when talking to yourself?

Think about whether you would tolerate it if someone else spoke to you in that manner or if you would do it to someone you love. Typically, the response is no. Try replacing the negative ideas with more neutral ones once you become aware of them. While telling yourself something uplifting may seem like the obvious remedy, many of us find that to be hollow and theatrical. Neutral statements like "This is my body," "My body is not the most interesting thing about me," and "My body is my home" are advised instead.

Wear the bikini

Finally, it is advised to women of different body types to don their bathing suits and head outside. One must begin slowly because it can initially seem uneasy and overpowering. To boost your confidence, you must sit by the pool or on the beach when there are fewer people around.

Be compassionate towards yourself

Whichever course of action you decide to take, you must treat yourself with kindness during the procedure. You are valid in how you feel and how you decide to go forward in attempting to accept your body. Never believe someone who says there is only one method to improve your comfort level in your own body.

Posting pictures will not solve anything

Wearing a bikini and sharing the proof online doesn't give you body confidence and it doesn't verify your body confidence. No amount of likes, followers, or outside approval can achieve that. Why? It is simply because your body is not something to be observed. We need to quit prioritizing an outsider's viewpoint over the fantastic body we have had from birth. You have lived every moment of your life in this body, and yet we define and criticize our lovely bodies based on how we feel about how they appear in swimwear. That idea ought to be absurd.

Please remember that some individuals who post pictures of themselves in bikinis on Instagram are also struggling with negative body image and persistent preoccupation with their appearance. Some people spend the entire time pulling, tugging, and rearranging their bikinis out of discomfort or to show them in the most photogenic and appealing way possible because they are so focused on taking amazing shots that they never even go to the pool.

You may wear a bikini if you enjoy how it feels or looks. Wearing it could even be an act of defiance against ideas that your body is sinful or belongs to someone else. Awesome!! We enjoy seeing different body types in the media and at the beach or pool. Every individual has the right to swim.


Self-acceptance is the key. Whether you have a thin and toned body or are overweight, you must never shy away from donning a bikini. It is your body. You have all the freedom to wear a bikini and be confident.

Updated on: 03-Apr-2023


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